California Law Enforcement Challenge (CLEC)

What is the California Law Enforcement Challenge?


The California Law Enforcement Challenge, which is modeled after the International Association of Chiefs of Police National Law Enforcement Challenge, is a competition between similar size and type of law enforcement agencies for the best traffic safety programs in California.  The competition focuses on an agency's efforts in occupant protection, impaired driving, and speed awareness, as well as a traffic safety issue unique to the submitting agency's jurisdiction.

The areas of concentration include Problem Identification, Planning, and Outcomes. Problem Identification can include crash analyses, speed surveys, seatbelt surveys and community input.  Planning requires an agency to provide a description of the problem, measuring objectives, monitoring activities, and overall evaluations. Lastly, Outcomes focus on how the changes made in each agency's community affected overall traffic safety.

The program allows law enforcement agencies to: set comprehensive goals, strive to reach new heights in traffic safety, share their experiences with others, and be recognized for their traffic safety accomplishments.  This competition has no losers, only winners for making a difference in their communities by effectively saving lives and reducing the frequency and severity of injuries caused by traffic collisions.  These are the true rewards of law enforcement's efforts in traffic safety.

​What's In It For Your Agency?


The California Law Enforcement Challenge competition is a friendly way for law enforcement agencies in California to highlight their traffic safety efforts. It provides opportunities for public recognition of exemplary programs, incentives for continuing traffic safety activities, and documentation of an agency's effectiveness that can be used in future grant proposals. Documenting traffic safety efforts can help provide accountability and prove the value of a strong traffic safety program, which can be beneficial at budget time. Participating in this competition can bring a great deal of positive attention to an agency and can enhance its reputation for being "tough on crime" yet prioritizes traffic safety.

​Who Can Compete?

  • ​Municipal Police Departments

  • Sheriff Departments (Including Contract Cities)

  • School Police Departments

  • International Agencies

  • ​Military Police (Including Contract Agencies)

  • Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Special Enforcement

  • Regional Enforcement Efforts

​In addition to competing within your category, agencies can compete in the following Special Award categories:


In addition to competing within your category, agencies can compete in the following Special Award categories:

  • ​Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety

  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

  • Distracted Driving

  • Motorcycle Safety

  • ​Occupant Protection

  • Impaired Driving

  • Speed Awareness

  • Technology

​Application Process


To apply for the California Law Enforcement Challenge (CLEC), agencies must submit applications online into International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) National Law Enforcement Challenge at The IACP will then forward each submission received from an agency located in California to the California Highway Patrol to be judged in the CLEC.

​2016 National Law Enforcement Challenge Application



How-To Guide

 To assist you with your application, the IACP developed the "How-To" guide. This guide is designed to help you in preparing your application for the CLEC as well as the NLEC. Following the recommendations outlined in this guide will make it easier for evaluators to locate the necessary information, giving your application an edge that could make a winning difference.


Due Date: TBD

Sample Submissions

To assist you with your application, we have provided sample CLEC submissions for your review: (1) the Novato Police Department's 2014 "Commissioner's Award" submission and (2) the Santa Rosa Police Department's 2014 "Rookie-of-the-Year" award submission.

We have also included the California Highway Patrol's 2015 National Law Enforcement Challenge submission for your review: 1st place winner in State Police/Highway Patrol 1,501 or More Sworn Officers, as well as winning in two Special Award categories: “Bike/Pedestrian Safety” and “'Impaired Driving”.

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National Law Enforcement Challenge


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To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, prior to preparing your submission, we encourage each agency to contact the California Highway Patrol's Commissioner's Support Unit at:

California Highway Patrol
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Attention: Officer Eric Bisellach or Officer Kirk Bailor 
601 North 7th Street
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​This website will be updated periodically with information on how to complete a California Law Enforcement Challenge submission.


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