Commercial Vehicle Specialist

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist


Applications for Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist (CVIS) statewide is now closed.

Historically, we give this exam about every three to four years.

Do you have knowledge of different types of commercial vehicles and their components, basic commercial vehicle mechanics, and mechanical terminology? Are you able to work odd or unusual hours, including weekends and holidays, perform under stress, and communicate effectively with the public? Then you are Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist (CVIS) material.

A CVIS works at highway inspection facilities performing routine inspections of commercial type vehicles and drivers to determine if they comply with weight, size, registration, safety, equipment and driver requirements.

Knowledge and Abilities
Knowledge of: Different types of commercial vehicles and their components; basic commercial vehicle mechanics, i.e., the functions of parts and systems in commercial vehicles and how their components interact; and mechanical terminology.

For more information and questions about the process,

call to speak with a recruiter at (916) 843-3275 or (888) 422-4756

TT/TDD 1-800-735-2929 EOE/ADA

or by emailing us at


Apply for this position using the Standard State Application (Form 678),

or, visit the California Human Resources web site.





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