CTC II - 14




CTC II-14, Week 21

Starting Cadets: 110, Remaining Cadets: 59


Another week down and even closer to graduation. Our class has faced all of our challenges head-on and pushed through with our ever increasing dedication to becoming the best of the best. We spent many hours with the DUI unit learning about alcohol and its effects on people. Included with that was learning how to perform Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs). At the end of DUI training we tested our skills on some individuals who volunteered to consume alcoholic beverages for us, known as the "wet lab."

The range staff has been incorporating a lot of different moving and shooting techniques. We have also been having some friendly competition between each other on the timed shooting course. When we look back at the beginning out at the range, it is amazing how far we have progressed as a class. We are very fortunate to have such outstanding instructors who work tirelessly to get us to CHP's high standards.

Thank you to our highly dedicated and motivated Staff Officers who are setting great examples of what it takes to become an officer of this fine agency.

Dustin M. Lamborn
California Highway Patrol Cadet
POST  ID #214057

CTC II-14, Week 13

​Starting Cadets: 110, Remaining Cadets: 78


CTC II-14 has successfully completed another week of exceptional training at the California Highway Patrol Academy. We would like to congratulate our senior cadet class who graduated this week. The ceremony was an astronomical confidence booster for us. We are anxious for our junior class to arrive next month.

We are starting to apply the things we have learned in the classroom to practical application. We were recently introduced to the SIG M400 Patrol Rifle and the Remington 870 shotgun. We have numerous hurdles directly ahead of us, including the completion of our EVOC driver training, certification in Arrest Techniques, and eventually Enforcement Tactic scenarios, which we have just begun training for.

We all would like to thank the entire Academy Staff for their dedication in training us. Special thanks go to the Food Services personnel, who have kept us fed and fueled for long days of training. Lastly, we would like to recognize the Academy Staff Officers for dedication to molding us into fine cadets, and eventually into fine officers.

Dustin M. Lamborn
California Highway Patrol Cadet
POST ID #214057


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