Division Operations Unit

​The responsibility of the Division Operations Unit is to support Area offices by providing Information Technology (IT), as well as maintaining equipment inventory and the vehicle fleet for officers assigned to Golden Gate Division.

Rapid Response Vehicle  Force Option Tactical Simulator (FOTS) truck





​​IT support consists of managing and maintaining the vast number of desktop, laptops, Mobile Digital Computer (MDC), and servers used for communications and report writing. The CHP recognizes that the laptop and MDC is a valuable aid to employees in facilitating communications and furnishing information in the conduct of departmental business.

Located within the unit is the General Support Officer who keeps the Division's equipment inventory and works with Automotive Technicians (AT) that maintain the Division fleet for officers assigned to Division.

The Operations Unit also assists the Field Support Unit with IT support pertaining to the specially equipment vehicles in Division. Some of these vehicles include the Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV), Command Post 2 (CP2) and the Force Option Tactical Simulator (FOTS) truck.

IT provides the communications infrastructure, technical hardware, application software, technical personnel and operations support required to meet CHP missions. Without technology and the use of modern, reliable computer systems, the CHP would find it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve its stated business goals. IT becomes the enabler and places information and technical services at the right place for the right user.


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