Auto Theft

Vehicle Theft Training and Awareness Programs


The Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act provides funding for the public awareness program, "Californians Help Eliminate Auto Theft" (CAL-HEAT). CAL-HEAT establishes a toll-free hotline number for reporting vehicle theft. Calls are handled by the Fresno Communications Center, which refers them to the appropriate state and local law enforcement agency.

Vehicle Theft Information System


auto theftThe CHP continues to maintain the Vehicle Theft Information System (VTIS) as an integral part of the comprehensive Vehicle Theft Control Program. The information available through this system has assisted vehicle theft investigators in analyzing specific data regarding theft and recovery trends, movement of vehicles, and the condition of recovered vehicles. The CHP publishes an annual report of vehicle theft statistical data.

The information requested through VTIS can be provided on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual basis. VTIS reports can depict data on a statewide level, by county, or by regions, such as CHP field Divisions. Utilizing the VTIS, the CHP's Investigative Services Section can immediately access statistical information to assist investigators throughout the state in identifying vehicles which had their identification numbers altered or removed.

Vehicle Theft Recognition and Awards Program


The CHP developed the 10851 Awards Program to recognize the superior efforts made by CHP and allied law enforcement personnel who have met specified criteria toward the reduction of stolen vehicle crimes. The CHP, in conjunction with the California State Automobile Association, presented an estimated 2,009 awards in 1995 to the more than 170 allied agencies participating in the 10851 Awards Program.

Coordination of Administrative and Legislative Proposals

The CHP actively coordinated and supported legislation in an effort to reduce vehicle theft related crimes. The CHP reviews state and federal regulations and existing laws affecting vehicle theft. As the Statewide Vehicle Theft and Apprehension Coordinator, the CHP provided analysis on numerous legislative proposals designed to impact vehicle theft activities.

Vehicle Theft Fact Sheets


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