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​The California Highway Patrol offers challenging and exciting careers in the field of law enforcement.

If you are interested in diversity, challenges, and opportunities, the CHP invites you to apply to become a part of our professional organization. We keep competitive and current with training and technology, keeping the citizens of California safe. We have many employment opportunities, and we invite you to look into the California Highway Patrol for your future.

The Department provides an excellent salary, full medical benefits, and a defined benefits retirement program.


View CHP Exam Bulletins

Exam bulletins of available jobs and vacancies within the California Highway Patrol. These bulletins contain job requirements, salary ranges, and locations within the state.

Become a CHP Officer

It's one of the most important and visible jobs in California. As an officer of the California Highway Patrol, your job is providing safety, service, and security to the citizens and visitors to our state. You'll attend the CHP Academy and get paid during training, learning the skills needed to save lives and provide protection in a variety of scenarios. Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage is provided for CHP Officers and their families, with an annual leave program that accumulates with years of service. Pursue your future - and be one of California's finest.

 Become a Public Safety Dispatcher

 Rarely will you ever get a chance to meet the hundreds of people who call for help, yet they'll depend on your vo​ice, your directions, and your knowledge to get through an emergency. No day is ever routine - one call may be a minor traffic accident, while the next is a frantic voice screaming for help. Both will be depending on your calm, firm voice and direction until help can arrive. Using state-of-the-art equipment and training, you'll provide the excellent service and security people have come to expect from the California Highway Patrol.

Become an ​Explorer

The California Highway Patrol's Explorer Program is designed for young men and women, 15 to 21 years of age, allowing them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to serve the people of California through discipline and a commitment to serving their community. Explorers assist the CHP both in office and out in the field. The experience they obtain here will be directly applicable to a future in law enforcement, while building relationships - with other Explorers, in the community they serve, and within the CHP.


Become a Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist 

A California Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist inspects all commercial vehicles coming into the 22 CHP Inspection Facilities in California. They verify the driver is safe, with current licenses and permits for the loads they're carrying, and that the vehicle they're in is both proper for their cargo, and safe while on the road - the road shared by more than 30 million California residents.

Beocme a Motor Carrier Specialist Icon
Become a Motor Carrier Specialist

Motor Carrier Specialists work throughout the state conducting inspections of motor carrier truck and bus operations.  These inspections are conducted at terminal and principle place of business locations and include in-depth inspections of commercial vehicles, driver records, maintenance records, controlled substances and alcohol testing records, and records related to hazardous materials transportation, to determine compliance with state and federal requirements.  Motor Carrier Specialists prepare in-depth comprehensive written reports of inspection findings in an effort to increase compliance in the interest of public safety.​

Become a ​Senior Volunteer Icon
Become a ​Senior Volunteer     

Volunteers assist the CHP in providing enhanced public service to the community. This is an opportunity for senior citizens to make a definitive contribution towards improving public Safety Service and Security. The Senior Volunteer Program instills among participating volunteers an understanding and appreciation of the justice system, human relations, and ethics in the field of law enforcement.  





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