CHP Examination Bulletins


Two Steps to Get a State Job

1. Take an Exam

To establish eligibility, review the open examination bulletin for details on the examination, the type of examination, and the minimum qualifications required to compete in the examination. Open examination bulletins are located below. If you meet the minimum qualifications submit a Standard State Application Form 678 (PDF)to the address listed on the examination bulletin.  Then, take and successfully pass the examination(s) to get placed on the eligibility list.

2. Apply for Job Vacancies

Once you have established job list eligibility, search and apply for non-uniformed vacancies on the CalCareers website.

If have questions regarding your list eligibility you can contact our Examinations Unit by calling 916-843-3820.  You can also find additional information on the State hiring process by visiting the California Department of Human Resources website.



Cadet Bulletin 2020 (Rev 02-20) Bulletin (Rev 02-20) Update.pdfCadet Bulletin 2020 (Rev 02-20)OPEN EXAMINATIONS
Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist Vehicle Inspection SpecialistOPEN EXAMINATIONS
Maintenance Worker CHP 2021 Worker CHP 2021Continues FillingOPEN EXAMINATIONS
Mill and Cabinet Worker and Cabinet Worker OPEN EXAMINATIONS
School Pupil Transportation Safety Coordinator (SPTSC) Pupil Transportation Safety Coordinator (SPTSC) OPEN EXAMINATIONS







Automotive Technician II ( Written Test) - Study Guide(PDF) Technician II ( Written Test) - Study Guide(PDF)EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDES
Bilingual Examination Study Guide(PDF) Examination Study Guide(PDF)EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDES
Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist Applicant Study Guide(PDF) Vehicle Inspection Specialist Applicant Study Guide.pdfCommercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist Applicant Study Guide(PDF)EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDES
Office Services Supervisor I - Study Guide(PDF) Services Supervisor I - Study Guide(PDF)EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDES
Public Safety Dispatcher Study Guide (CritiCall)(PDF) Safety Dispatcher Study Guide (CritiCall)(PDF)EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDES
Staff Services Analyst Examination Study Guide(PDF) Services Analyst Examination Study Guide(PDF)EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDES

​Application for Veterans Preference

​To apply for Veterans' Preference, the following must be submitted:

  • Legible copy of DD214

  • Veteran's Preference Application Form (CALHR 1093)

NOTE: If you are applying for Veterans’ Preference as a spouse, widow or widower of a Veteran, additional documentation is required. Please review the specific requirements on the Instructions section of the Veteran’s Preference Application Form (CALHR 1093).

Submit copies of the completed CALHR 1093 (PDF) Form and supporting documents to:

California Department of Human Resources
ATTN: Examination Unit
1515 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Once CalHR has approved your application for Veterans’ Preference, your information will remain on file for all future qualifying examinations.


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