Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist

​What is a Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist (CVIS)

A Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist (CVIS) works at highway inspection facilities performing routine inspections of commercial vehicles and drivers to determine if they comply with weight, size, registration, safety, equipment, hazardous material, and driver requirements.
A CVIS is a member of the commercial unit within our department that oversees commercial vehicle safety. Their duties involve the weighing and inspection of commercial type vehicles, concerning the condition of vehicle components and systems, registration requirements, loading, required equipment, and compliance with the California Vehicle Code and other laws, rules, and regulations governing these vehicles, and performing other related duties. A CVIS is assigned to one of the 17 various commercial vehicle enforcement facilities (C.V.E.F.) located throughout California. Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialists play a vital role in helping to keep California’s roadways safe for the motoring public.

Minimum qualifications for the position of CVIS:

  • Either, one year of experience performing duties in automotive or heavy equipment services and repair at a level
    not less than an Automotive Technician Trainee, Department of the California Highway Patrol, Or
  • One year of experience as an auto, truck, or construction equipment mechanic; bus driver; driver of any commercial truck which required a Class A or B driver license; or any position which required the knowledge of the mechanics, size-weight, registration requirements, or load and safety regulations of heavy duty commercial vehicles.

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Is This Job Right for You?

Are you familiar with:

- different types of comme​rcial vehicles,

- basic commercial vehicle mechanics and

- mechanical terminology?​​

Do you shine under stress?

​​​Are you a great communicator?

 Are you able to work odd hours including weekends and holidays?

Then Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialist could be the perfect job for you!​

Qualifications, Knowl​edge and Abilities Needed​



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