Explorer Competitions

2019 State Capital Explorer Challenge

Congratulations to CHP Explorer Post-Bakersfield on winning overall 1st place at the 7th Annual State Capital Explorer Challenge that was held on April 26-28, 2019 at the California Highway Patrol Academy located in West Sacramento. 

The competition is designed to be very demanding on the physical and mental capabilities of each Explorer. Events will be designed to test the strengths and limitations of a person's intelligence, personality, demeanor and physical abilities, as well as dedication and conviction to the Explorer Program.
Explorers will be given the opportunity to test their skills in the real life situations including, but not limited to, Traffic Stops and Building Searches, just to name a few. These events will be held both in daylight and night time scenarios. The competition will test the Explorers physical abilities and teamwork through obstacle courses and a tug of war. Mental abilities will also be tested through a variety of events including a Law Enforcement Entry Level Written Exam. 





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