Meet your Recruitment Team

​Northern Division

2485 Sonoma Street Redding, CA 96001

(530) 722-1839

Officer Victor Aguilar, ID #16928


  • 20 years with the CHP.  Worked a beat for a total of 12 years in the Bay Area, Central Valley, and Humboldt County


  • I love to cook Spanish food, play the guitar, and spend time with my family


  • Helping the next generation of public servants

  • Judo Pushups


  • There’s nothing wrong with working hard for what you want

  • Be a good human

Officer Victor AguilarOfficer Victor Aguilar

Valley Division

 2555 1st Avenue Sacramento , CA 95818


​Coming Soon!

​Golden Gate Division

1551 Benicia Road Vallejo, CA 94591


Officer Edgar Vega, ID #21723


  • 4 Years with the CHP

  • 2 Years at the San Jose Area Office

  • 1 Years as a Golden Gate Division Recruiter

  • Golden Gate Division Senior Volunteer Coordinator


Prior To CHP:

•  Graduate of CSU Fresno, BA in Economics 
•  Graduate of Enterprise Rent-A-Cars Management Trainee Program
•  Expert road tripper and avid hiker

 Things I Enjoy About Being A Recruiter:

Helping applicants discover their strengths and seeing the complete transition from applicant to CHP officer.


My Tip For New Applicants:

  • Have unbreakable work-ethic, determination, and perseverance.

  • Take the process one day at time.

Officer Caleb Benefiel, ID #21421


  • 5 Years with the CHP

  • 3 Years at the Napa Area Office

  • Explorer Coordinator

  • Advanced Officer Safety Trainer

  • Car Seat Technician


Other Facts About Me:

• Graduate of U.C. Berkeley, BA in Political Science
• Prior Small Business Owner

Things I Enjoy About Being A Recruiter:

I enjoy encouraging applicants through the Applicant Preparation Program (APP) to achieve their goal of becoming a California Highway Patrol Officer.


My Tip For New Applicants:

Take your preparation serious – a career with the California Highway Patrol is not given, it is earned.Officer Caleb Benefiel

​Central Division

5435 E Olive Ave Fresno, CA 93727


​Officer Julieta Trenado, ID #21760


  • 3 Years with CHP Santa Cruz Area Office

  • Public Information Officer

  • Car Seat Technician

  • Newest edition to the Central Division Recruitment Unit

  • Bilingual Certified (Spanish)

Prior to CHP:

  • Graduate of CSU Stanislaus & Livingston High School

  • Former Wet Seal Assistant Manager & Jack in the Box Employee

Other Facts About Me:

  • First generation in law enforcement and college graduate.

  • I enjoy playing sports specially soccer.

  • I love my mom!

My tip for New Applicants:

Be yourself! Remember we are human too and we all must start somewhere. We were in your shoes once. You’re up, so show us what your made of!

Officer Julieta Trenado
Officer Julieta Trenado

Officer Armando Garcia, ID # 18091

Officer Armando Garcia

​Southern Division

411 Central Ave Glendale, CA 91203


​Officer Jose Barrios, ID #18084


  • 14 years with the CHP

  • 7 years at the Altadena Area Office

  • 8 years as Southern Division Recruiter

  • Public Information Officer

  • Field Training Officer (FTO)

  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)

  • Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor (SFST)

Prior to CHP:

  • United States Navy (Electrician’s Mate Second Class)

  • Union Pacific Railroad (Signalmen)

Things I enjoy about being a recruiter:

I enjoy mentoring, guiding, and coaching applicants in preparation for their processing and the successful completion of the academy.

My tips for new applicants:

Attend as many Applicant Preparation Program (APP) events as you can. Invest as much time as you can to be part of an awesome team – the CHP!

Officer Jose Barrios

​​Officer Amber Davis, ID #21775


  • 2 years at the West Los Angeles area office

  • 1 year as a Southern Division Public Information Officer

  • Newest addition to the Southern Division Recruitment Unit

Prior to CHP:

UC Riverside Graduate & Collegiate Athlete

Things I enjoy about being a recruiter:

As a recruiter I enjoy mentoring applicants as they navigate through the hiring process. It's always exciting meeting new individuals who are motivated, willing to put in the work and ready to make a difference on our department.

My tip for New Applicants:

Stay focused on the bigger picture. Utilize the Applicant Preparation Program so you can confidently go through the hiring process knowing you are doing everything you can to prepare yourself for this career.

​Border Division

9330 Farnham Street San Diego, CA 92123

Phone: (858)650-3600

Officer Joshua Andino, ID #21631


  • 4 years with the CHP
  • 4 Years at the San Diego Area Office
  • Recently joined Border Division Recruitment Unit
Prior to CHP
  • Served 8 1/2 years active duty with the U.S. Navy

Other Facts About Me:

  • Enjoys time with family.
  • Boxing since a young age.

Things I enjoy About Being A Recruiter:

  • I enjoy about being a recruiter is the ability to  speak with the public and the countless opportunities to educate possible applicants about a career with the CHP. Furthermore, I like showing new applicants what “nose in the rings” are.

My Tip For New Applicants:

  • My biggest tip for new applicants is to stay motivated in the hiring process and maintaining peak physical fitness level at all times. Stay motivated!

Officer Joshua Andino

​Coastal Division

4115 Broad Street, Suite B-10 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


Officer Jordan Richards, ID #20228Career:

  • 9 years with the CHP
  • 4 years at the Antelope Valley Area Office
  • 3 years at the San Luis Obispo Area Office
  • Division Active Shooter Instructor
  • Coastal Division Recruiter
  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Prior to CHP:

  • United States Army
  • Home Depot store manager from 2007 to 2010
  • Realtor and Sales Manger for Centex Homes from 2003 to 2007
  • California State University of Fresno B.A. in Liberal Studies

Things I enjoy About Being A Recruiter:

I enjoy mentoring and guiding future Officers with their mental, physical and career development.

My Tip For New Applicants:

Treat each opportunity as new chance to make a positive first impression.  
Stay humble and work hard!

​Inland Division

847 E. Brier Dr. San Bernardino , CA 92408


​Officer Lawrence Guynes, ID  #20487


  • 8 years with the CHP 

  • 3 years at the West Los Angeles Area Office 

  • 2 years at the Rancho Cucamonga Area Office

  • 3rd year as an Inland Division Recruiter  

Prior to CHP: 

  • Graduate of University of Idaho (Collegiate Athlete-  Football)

  • Former professional athlete
  • Toll Global Forwarding Distribution Center (Lead Worker) 

Things I enjoy About Being A Recruiter: 

  • I enjoy mentoring and guiding future Officers with their mental, physical and career development. 
  • Preparing applicants for an amazing career. 

My Tip for New Applicants: 

  • Be ready to transition your mindset from applicant to Cadet, to obtain a self-rewarding career. 
  • Strive for excellence, stay diligent, and define your opportunities. 

Officer Octavio Magana, ID #17247


  • 18 years with the CHP

  • 4 years at the East LA Office 

  • 8 years at the Riverside Office

  • 5 years as a Background Investigator with Inland Division

  • Currently a Recruiter with Inland Division

  • Proud member of Inland Division’s Honor Guard

Prior to CHP:

  • United States Marine Corps

  • Cable Technician

Things I enjoy About Being A Recruiter:

I enjoy speaking with people about the California Highway Patrol, helping applicants navigate through the hiring process, mentoring them as they prepare for the CHP Academy and seeing the transformation in them.  

My Tip for New Applicants:

• Never lose sight of why you are here.  
• Take every opportunity to learn.

Officer Octavio MaganaOfficer Octavio Magana


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