Military Recruiting


​The CHP offers military personnel a unique working environment which utilizes the skills, self-discipline, and life experiences you have developed during military service. Former military personnel easily fit into the CHP's workforce and adapt well to our paramilitary work environment. You can use your former military skills and self-initiative to help you promote through the CHP's ranks.

The CHP's salary, medical benefits, and retirement plans are extremely attractive. They include a salary competitive with other California law enforcement agencies; medical, dental, and vision benefits for the entire family; and up to 90 percent retirement based on years of service and age.


We have partnered with the California Department of Veterans Affairs in a continued effort to recruit the finest candidates from the ranks of the United States Armed Forces. We would be honored for you to join us in our mission of providing the highest level of Safety, Service, and Security to the people of California. Veterans exemplify honor, courage, and integrity; all qualities which have made the California Highway Patrol among the finest law enforcement agencies in the world.


Veteran's Preference Program


Applicants who have served in the United States Armed Forces as defined in Government Code Section 18540, and who qualify as a veteran, are entitled to veterans' preference. If a veteran passes the certification test, they will move to Rank 1 of the eligibility list regardless of the passing score. Rank 1 for the CHP means the veteran applicant will go into backgrounds. To find out more information and obtain the Application for the Veteran's Preference go to the California Department of Human Resources application PDF:
Veteran's Preference Program application:  


You are paid as a cadet and can apply for additional G.I. benefits

We provide the training, room and board, AND pay you a salary while you attend the CHP Academy.

Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits may be claimed by eligible veterans for time spent training at our Academy. For more information, go to:, to see education benefit.


National Guard and Military Reserves Friendly

CHP policy allows you to take the necessary time to fulfill your military obligations.


Active Military - Up To Eight Years of List E​ligibility For Active Military


In order to start our process you must not be older than 35 years 364 days old on the final filing date for applications in the most current application/exam cycle. As an active military person, you have to go through the first two steps (physical ability test and written exam), and get a qualifying score on the written exam to be put on a certification list. You must at that point ask to waive the remainder of the process until you are close to completing your active service. You must communicate to us your discharge date. When you ask for a waiver, you have up to eight (8) years before you have to be employed by the Department before your waiver runs out. If you go with the whole eight years, you will have to re-start our process one year out from the deadline so that the final steps (background check, psychological evaluation and medical evaluation) can be completed before possible employment.

​All testing takes place in California and is done in each of our eight geographical divisions: Northern (Redding), Valley (Sacramento), Golden Gate (San Francisco Bay Area), Central (Fresno), Southern (Los Angeles Area), Border Division (San Diego), Coastal Division (San Luis Obispo), and Inland (San Bernardino).

Because our minimum requirements are written into state law, all applicants, military or otherwise, must meet the requirements before applying. Please read the Minimum Requirements page of our web site. If you have any questions, please call our Recruitment Unit at the number below.

For additional information, contact the CHP at:

1-888-4A CHP JOB (1-888-422-4756)

TT/TDD 1-800-735-2929 EOE/ADA


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