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Can an applicant take the written exam multiple times?

Yes, applicants are allowed to take the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) exam more than once. However, before an applicant can retest, the applicant must wait for a period of one month (30 calendar days). This waiting period applies even if the exam is taken through a different department/agency than the original exam.

Information on the POST (PELLETB) can be found at: POST Entry-Level Test Battery

All cadet testing is done at the Division level.  Where you test has nothing to do with where you might be assigned if you graduate from the CHP Academy. 

The CHP Map (PDF) can be used to help applicants find the Division they live in and should test in.

A detailed explanation of how assignments are made can be found in the  Frequently Asked Questions.

​As of August 3, 2015, the CHP is accepting applications on a continuous basis. During the first exam code (XX161) under this system, the beginning date for accepting applications for each division will be staggered. After the first eight weeks, applications will be open all the time. Please note the time period and division you apply to will dictate when you test.


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