Salary and Benefits - Officer



Cadet Base 

Salary Rates


$6,344 - $8,131/monthly

​Cadets earn a monthly salary while attending the CHP Academy. In addition, cadets receive free room and board. Effective the first month following their Academy reporting date, cadets receive full-health and dental benefits for themselves and their dependents. Cadets also earn an additional seven hours of mandatory overtime per month.

Officer Base Salary Rates


$8,887 - $11,024/monthly

​Upon graduation from the CHP Academy cadets are promoted to the rank of Officer.

The following monthly pay incentives will be effective upon appointment to Officer:

  • 6.25% Eight, Nine, Ten, Twelve and one-half hour workday pay: $555.44
  • 3.5% Pre- and Post-Shift Work Activities Pay: $311.05
  • $65.00 Physical Performance Incentive Pay: $65

Estimated monthly gross base salary with aforementioned pay incentives: $9,194*

Estimated yearly gross base salary with aforementioned pay incentives: $117,822*

Note: *These salaries do not include overtime compensation or additional pay incentives an employee may qualify for. 


Pre-and Post-Shift Work Activities Pay Differential

Officers receive a stipend equal to 3.5% of their base pay to compensate for pre-and post-shift activities.

In addition, all officers earn the following pay incentives:

Physical performance Pay (PPP)

$65.00 per month; after the fifth year, $130.00 a month.

8 1/2 Hour Workday Pay

Officer's are paid an additional 6.25% of their base salary, or approximately $8,268 annually at the top step.

Uniform Allowance

Officer's are entitled to an annual uniform allowance of $920. Cadets are loaned the funds to purchase their first set of uniforms. This interest free loan will be repaid over the first 12 months of their career.

CHP Motor Officer

Specialty Pay


Bilingual Pay

​$100 per month for certified bilingual speaking officers who are assigned to a bilingual position.

Canine Pay

​$156 per month for officers who are canine handlers.

Educational Incentive Pay

​2.5% of their base pay of officers who possess an intermediate Peace officer Standards and training (POST ) Certificate of Associate of Arts/Science degree or 5% of their base pay for officers who possess an Advanced POST Certificate or Bachelor of Arts/Science degree.

​Field Training Officer
(FTO) Pay

​Field Training Officers earn an additional 5% of their daily base pay each day they serve as an FTO.

Investigator Pay

​$50 per month for officers assigned as full-time Vehicle Theft or Fraud Investigators.

Motorcycle Officer Pay

​4% of base pay for motorcycle enforcement duty.

Flight Officer Pay

Annual salaries for officers who fly in either airplanes (fixed-wing) or helicopters:

      • Flight Observer:  - $9,296 - $11,552 /month

      • Pilot: $10,393 - $12,889 /month

Shift Differential

​Swing Shift adds an additional $1.00 per hour per shift, which averages $2,062 annually. For graveyard shift, add an additional $1.50 per hour per shift, averaging $3,057 annually.

Senior Officer Pay

Officers also earn a monthly pay differential based on the years they have worked.
Add an additional:

      • 2% after 18 years 

      • 3% after 19 years 

      • 4% after 20 years

      • 5% after 21 years

      • 6% after 22 years

      • 8% after 25 years



​Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits

​The Department provides comprehensive medical, dental, and vision health care plans for officers and their dependents. Officers may select from numerous health care plans, the plan that best meets their needs.

Annual Leave Program

​Annual Leave Credits can be used as vacation time or as sick leave. Annual Leave hours accrue as follows:  


Length of Service

Annual Leave Allowance

​1 - 3 years

​24 hours per month

​3 - 10 years

​27 hours per month

​10 - 15 years

​29 hours per month

​15 - 20 years

​30 hours per month

​20 years or more

​31 hours per month


​Police Protective Equipment

​The Department furnishes all required safety and police protective equipment. The following is a partial list: .40 caliber Smith and Wesson pistol and required ammunition: badge and cap piece; side handle baton; oleoresin capsicum (pepper) spray; handcuffs; flashlight; soft body armor; rain gear (jacket, pants, and boots); Kevlar general duty helmet; duty belt, holster, and equipment cases.


Retirement Benefits

Service Retirement Allowance

 (including those who established CalPERS membership prior to January 1, 2013, and who are hired by a different CalPERS employer after January 1, 2013, after a break in service of greater than six months.)

  • 2.7% @ age 57 (2.0 % @ age 50) retirement formula (multiply percentage by service years)
  • Average of Three-year (36 months) final compensation.
  • $146,042 cap on pensionable salary with Social Security (adjusts with inflation)
  • $175,250 cap on pensionable salary without Social Security (adjusts with inflation)


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