Apply Public Safety Dispatcher and Public Safety Operator

Prepare for the Application

​First, it is best to create an account and complete a profile on the California Department of Human Resources (Cal Careers/CalHR) website. 

The initial step to begin our selection process and take the performance exam is to complete the STD 678 - Examination / Employment Application (PDF).  (Only during specific time windows)

Mail applications to:
California Highway Patrol
Selection Standards and Examinations Section
P. O. Box 942898
Sacramento, CA 94298-0001

​The forms below will be used later in the process as more information is needed from the applicant to progress through the testing and evaluation process.Public Safety Dispatcher

California Highway Patrol 

Public Safety Dispatcher and Public Safety Operator

Examination Schedule

DO NOT send in an application before the Bulletin Release Date or after the Final Filing Date for the exam you are interested in, said application will result in Disqualification. We ask that all those who are interested please wait until the Exam Bulletin of their choosing is posted and open before submitting an application. 

Open Exam Bulletins can be found here.  All dates and locations are tentative and are subject to change.

Click link to view:

Criticall Study Guide (PDF)


Applicants are free to test in any Division of their choosing, the testing location for each Division will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the performance test date. Upon successful completion of testing, applicants will receive list eligibility, allowing them to apply to any open PSD/PSO vacancies located throughout the state for the California Highway Patrol.


(Testing and Job location)

Bulletin Release Date​

(Job announcement released)

Final Filing Date​

(Application due date)


(Performance Testing) Week of

​Central - Bakersfield, Fresno, Merced




​Valley - Sacramento, Truckee, Chico, Stockton




​Inland - Bishop, Barstow, Inland Communication Center/Fontana




Border - El Centro, San Diego, Indio, Orange County/Irvine Communication Center, Monterey




Northern - Yreka, Ukiah, Susanville, Redding, Humboldt

Golden Gate - Golden Gate Communications Center (Vallejo)




​Coastal - Monterey, S​an Luis Obispo, Ventura




Golden Gate - Golden Gate Communications Center (Vallejo)

Dispatcher Open Examination - Click Here

Operator Open Examination - Click Here




​​Southern - Los Angeles Communications Center (LACC)




* Once expired dates have passed they will be removed from this listing

** Please note, dates above are tentatively scheduled and may be subject to change as conditions warrant.


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Background Investigation Preparation (PSD/PSO Applicant) (PDF) Tree PSD and PSO Required Docs 8-23-21.pdfBackground Investigation Preparation (PSD/PSO Applicant) (PDF)Background Investigation Forms
CHP 432B - Authorization to Release Information(PDF) 432B - Authorization to Release Information(PDF)Background Investigation Forms
CHP 432C - Advisement to CHP Applicants Regarding the use of Credit Report Information for Employment Purposes(PDF) 432C - Advisement to CHP Applicants Regarding the use of Credit Report Information for Employment Purposes(PDF)Background Investigation Forms

Documents Needed for Background Investigation

​Once you have successfully passed the performance test and Dispatch Qualification Appraisal Interview, you may enter the background investigation phase of the selection process. As part of the background investigation, each document listed below, if applicable, must be collected and ​one copy of each document be provided to the background investigator. The process of obtaining these documents can be very time consuming. The background investigator is required to see the original, the copy will be kept in your background investigation file.

Click link to view:

Information/Documents Required for PSD/PSO Applicants


  1. ​Current California Driver License

  2. Birth Certificate

  3. Proof of U.S. Citizenship (U.S. Passport, Certificate of U.S. Citizenship, Form N-560 or N561)

  4. Social Security Card

  5. Marriage Certificate

  6. Dissolution of Marriage Documents​

  7. ​Separation from Military Document (DD214)

  8. Selective Service Card (

  9. High School Diploma or G.E.D. Certificate

  10. Official High School Transcripts (original with seal of authenticity) College Diploma(s)

  11. Official College Transcripts (original with seal of authenticity)

  12. CHP 432B - Authorization to Release Information


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