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Veteran's Preference

Applicants who have served in the United States Armed Forces as defined in Government Code Section 18540, and who qualify as a veteran, are entitled to veterans' preference. Veterans’ Preference is an assistance program for military benefits who seek employment with the state. Preference can be applied to a veteran’s eligibility for qualifying open and open, non-promotional examinations. If your application for Veterans’ Preference is approved by the California Department of Human Resources, and you achieve a passing score in an entrance examination, you shall be ranked in the top rank of the resulting eligibility list.

How do I apply for Veterans' Preference?

To apply for Veterans' Preference, the following documents must be submitted:

Veteran's Preference Application Form (CALHR 1093
Legible copy of DD214, request for documents can be found here.

To apply for Provisional Veteran's Preference, the following documents must be submitted:

If you are in within 6 months of separation from active duty you may be eligible for Provisional Transitional Veteran's Preference.
Veteran's Preference Application Form (CALHR 1093)

The Provisional Transitional Waiver form, (CALHR 1094), can be obtained by calling the California Highway Patrol HQ Recruitment Unit at 916-843-3275.

In order to be eligible for Veteran’s preference and or Provisional Veteran’s Preference points the CALHR 1093, CALHR 1094 and all supporting documentation must be submitted to CALHR prior to your scheduled Physical Abilities Test (PAT)

Submit copies of the completed CALHR 1093 Form along with supporting documents to:

California Department of Human Resources 

ATTN: Examination Unit 
1515 S Street 
Sacramento, CA 95811

Once CalHR has approved your application for Veterans’ Preference, your information will remain on file for all future qualifying examinations.

Contact the CalHR Examination Unit with questions regarding Veteran’s Preference at (866) 844-8671. 

Veterans' Preference: Will be awarded pursuant to Government Code Section 18973.1, effective January 1, 2014, as follows:

  1. ​Any veteran, widow or widower of a veteran, or spouse of a 100 percent disabled veteran, who achieves a passing score in an entrance examination, shall be ranked in the top rank of the resulting eligibility list. Any veteran who has been dishonorably discharged or released is not eligible for Veterans' Preference.

  2. An entrance examination is defined, under the law, as any open competitive examination.

  3. Veterans' Preference is not granted once a person achieves permanent civil service status.

​For additional information and applications, contact the CHP at:

1-888-4A CHP JOB (1-888-422-4756) TT/TDD 1-800-735-2929 EOE/ADA or by e-mail

​For upcoming exams:

Speak with a recruiter at 1-888-422-4756 or visit the State Personnel Board External link website.


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