Judicial Protection Section

​Judicial Protection Section (JPS) is a specialized command within the Protective Services Division. JPS operates from two primary locations: San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as from seven satellite offices located in San Diego, Riverside, Santa Ana, Ventura, Fresno, San Jose, and Sacramento. The primary mission of JPS is to provide security and protection for members of the State Judiciary including the Chief Justice of California, the California Supreme Court and the California Court of Appeal and their members throughout the state.

As part of JPS’s operations, JPS performs bailiff duties, security of courtrooms, chambers, and other spaces of the courts; responsible for providing protective details and security for members of the California Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, Judicial Council, and Commission on Judicial Performance; conduct security advances and prepare security arrangements for assigned protectees; receive and process information of threats to public officials and coordinates with Threat Assessment Unit in monitoring threats to judicial officers.


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