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​The California Highway Patrol remains committed in keeping the public safe everywhere. You can help keep Californians and visitors to our state safe as well, by reporting crimes you may witness or illegal activities you may be aware of.  You may help avert the theft of public funds or property, or even save lives by reporting a car weaving on the freeway - and getting an intoxicated driver off the road.

You may report information anonymously if you wish; but we would like you to report any suspicious activities or illegal acts to stop crimes and safeguard the public against violence and theft. 

Sharing Information

Tell CHP Organized Retail Theft Program

In response to AB 1065, the CHP, in consultation with the DOJ, developed a task force concept to work with allied agencies to combat organized retail theft. The CHP encourages victims of organized retail crime to use the tip link resource located on this page to report qualifying incident(s)



Collision Report Collision Report - CHP 190

Do you need a Collision Report from the CHP? In order to allow a proper Party of Interest (i.e. Driver, Passenger, Property Owner, Vehicle Owner, Parent of Minor, or Legal Guardian) to obtain a copy of a CHP collision report/investigation, without having to go to the CHP Area office where the collision report was filed, you can complete the CHP 190 to release the information the CHP has collected about a particular incident.


Auto Theft Auto Theft Training and Awareness

The Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act provides funding for the public awareness program, "Californians Help Eliminate Auto Theft" (CAL-HEAT). CAL-HEAT establishes a toll-free hotline number for reporting vehicle theft. Calls are handled by the Fresno Communications Center, which refers them to the appropriate state and local law enforcement agency.


Suspicious Activity Report Suspicious Activity

If you are reporting an emergency that requires immediate attention please dial 911.

If you observe suspicious activity or possess information that may have a terrorism connection and does not represent an immediate life-threatening situation, please click the link above to locate the Regional Threat Awareness Center for your area and submit a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR).


Commend or Complain Commend or Complain

How are we doing? We invite your feedback.  Help us improve.  If an officer or dispatcher has provided excellent service, we'd like to let them know.  If there's something we can improve on, or if you have a complaint about the way a situation was handled, we'd like to correct the problem and improve our performance if we can.



Community Services Survey Community Service Survey

In an ongoing effort to monitor and improve the services it provides to the public, the CHP is requesting your assistance in evaluating its performance.  By filling out a Community Service Survey, you help enable the CHP to address your concerns, develop solutions to potential problems and better serve the needs of the community.

Traffic ComplaintFile a Traffic Complaint

How was the traffic?  It's a subject we're concerned with every day.   Was there a delay in your commute that could've been handled better?  Do you see an issue on your drive that we might be able to solve?  Let us know when and where the issue occurred by using this notification system.   If it's a chronic issue, we'll look for solutions to alleviate the problem.



Cargo Theft Cargo Theft Interdiction Program

The Highway Patrol is involved in a number of statewide vehicle theft task forces in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, district attorneys' offices, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Department of Justice. Because of the high incidence of vehicle thefts in Southern California, the majority of task forces are formed there and focus on the professional thief and organized vehicle theft rings.


Commend or Complain 1-800-TELL-CHP (1-800-835-5247)

Need to talk to us, but it's not an emergency? Call us at 1-800-TELL-CHP (1-800-835-5247) for non-emergency purposes, like accident reports, tow questions, CHP office locations, vehicle theft tips, community outreach programs. CHP has personnel that answers the 1-800-TELL-CHP telephone number 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Report Crime

Crime Incident Reporting System Crime Incident Reporting on State Property

Protective Services Division (PSD) coordinates the collection of crime and incident reports occuring on State Property. PSD uses the STD. 99 form for data collection as specified by the State Legislature.  Please submit the STD. 99 form to your local CHP office.



Reporting Computer Crimes for State Employees Reporting Computer Crimes for State Employees

 Government Code Section 14613.7 requires state agencies to report to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) all crimes on state-owned or state-leased property where state employees are discharging their duties. Specifically, Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Division 2, Chapter 12, Section 1875 requires the reporting of computer crimes involving state computer resources.​​​



Report Driving Under the Influence Report Driving Under the Influence

You're driving down the freeway, and see a car weaving ahead of you.  The driver clearly should be off the road - what do you do?  First, stay far enough away to avoid danger. Second, either pull over or have your passenger call 9-1-1, let the dispatcher know your location, direction, and a description of the car. Help us keep the roads safe for everyone. 


Workers' Comp Fraud Link Workers' Comp Fraud

The CHP's Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigations Unit  is a specialized team who investigate allegations of workers’ compensation fraud. We receive information from a variety of sources, including our toll-free Fraud Reporting Hotline (1-866-779-9237), as well as this website. (For non-CHP employees, please click here).



cheaters Link Report Out-of-State Registration Violators

The State of California loses millions of dollars of revenue every year from California residents who neglect to register their vehicles in California. California residents with vehicles registered outside of the state don't contribute to the upkeep of the freeways and bridges they use. The Officers and senior volunteers within the California Highway Patrol Registration Enforcement and Guidance (CHP REG) Program are dedicated to assisting the public with California registration compliance.

A California resident, for purposes of vehicle registration, is any person who manifests an intent to live or be located in this State on more than a temporary or transient basis. California law permits only 20 days to complete the process of registering your vehicle.

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