Certified Business Advocate Program

Advocate for Small and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE)
Small Business Liaison

Your business is important to us. If you have questions about doing business with the California Highway Patrol, or concerns about regulations affecting your business, you may send an email to the CHP Advocate and Liaison. We want to ensure your interaction with us is professional and beneficial for everyone involved. Please provide a clear and concise statement of your question or concern to ensure a timely and constructive response.


 ​The CHP Advocate and Liaison shall respond to and provide the following:

  • Receive and respond to complaints from small businesses

  • Provide technical advice and assistance to small businesses in resolving problems and questions regarding compliance with CHP's regulations and relevant statutes

  • Provide reports of small business concerns and, where appropriate, report recommendations to the agency secretary or agency head, as defined by Section 11405.50

  •  Ensure CHP procurement and contracting processes are administered in order to meet or exceed the 25 percent small business and 3 percent DVBE participation goals, and developing and sharing innovative procurement and contracting practices from the public and private sectors to increase opportunities for small businesses and DVBEs

  • The Certified Business Advocate Program shall not advocate for or against the adoption, amendment, or repeal of any regulation or intervene in any pending investigation or enforcement action

Certified Business Advocate Program        



​The California Highway Patrol is extremely supportive of small and disabled veteran businesses and is intent on actively seeking partnerships with them. If you are a small business or disabled veteran businesses and would like to become certified with the State of California and do business with us, visit the Department of General Services (DGS)  External link SB/DVBE Certification or send an email to the CHP Certified Business Advocate Program, or contact them at:

California Highway Patrol
Business Services Section
Certified Business Advocate Program
Attn: Danielle Gifford
P.O. Box 942898, Sacramento, CA 94298-0001
Business line: (916) 843-3627 | Fax Line: (916) 322-3155
Email: certifiedBusiness@chp.ca.gov

Commodities Services Purchased and Contracted by CHP 


​​To view types of commodities/services purchased/contracted by CHP, click here: (CHP Business Opportunities)

To view current CHP solicitations, go to Department of General Services (DGS) External link

If you are interested in becoming a prime or DVBE subcontractor on any currently advertised CHP solicitation, contact the Certified Business Advocate Program at (916) 843-3616, or by email.

Required Disability Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Forms:

DGS PD 843, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Declarations

DGS PD 05-105, Bidder Declaration

STD817 , Prime Contractor’s Subcontracting Report

Frequently Asked Questions



How do I become a certified vendor with CHP?How do I become a certified vendor with CHP?<p>​​In order to become a certified vendor with the California Highway Patrol please visit the Department of General Services <a href="https://www.caleprocure.ca.gov/pages/sbdvbe-index.aspx">CaleProcure</a> site for information on becoming a certified vendor. </p>


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