Are You Vulnerable to a Carjacker?

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Be Aware!

Unsuspecting motorists are terrorized by violent criminals who steal their vehicles, usually at gunpoint, and speed away.


Don't be a victim!

Protect yourself and your vehicle


  • Keep your doors locked. Close windows, if possible.

  • Drive with a companion.

  • Plan your route before your trip.
    Travel by freeway or well-lighted, frequently-used surface streets.

  • When you stop your vehicle in traffic, leave enough room to see the tires of the vehicle ahead. The extra space allows maneuverability for escape.

If Your Vehicle is "Bumped"

  • Don't stop or get out if you suspect the incident was deliberate.

  • Signal the other driver to follow; then drive to a secure, reasonable location (such as a police station), to exchange information.

 Face to Face With a Carjacker

  • Don't resist the theft - your life is worth more than your vehicle.

  • Do whatever is necessary to avoid being forced to accompany the carjacker.

Picture of a man holding a woman at gunpoint Infants Taken During Carjacking's

  • Carjackers are usually unaware the vehicle contains a child in a safety seat.

  • Most offenders abandon the vehicle soon with the baby unharmed.




 CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL - Office of Public Affairs / Graphic Services Unit

CHP 981



  • Select well-lighted areas.

  • Use a commercial garage that employs attendants.

  • Take a quick look at your surroundings before you get in or out of your vehicle.

  • Have your vehicle keys in hand and be ready to unlock and enter your vehicle promptly.

  • Prior to entering your vehicle, quickly scan the interior to ensure everything is in order.

  • Once inside, lock all doors.

  • Stay away from your vehicle if you see someone loitering nearby.


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