Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety is a Shared Responsibility.


Share the road.   As more Californians choose walking and bicycling as primary modes of transportation, creating a safer highway environment for all roadway users is increasingly important. We all share the responsibility to make sure California roads are safe for everyone. This is achieved by following the rules of the road, watching out for others, and using courtesy while on the road. The California Highway Patrol uses a comprehensive statewide approach to promote and enforce safe pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist behavior, ensuring we all share the road safely.


Traffic Safety For Bicyclists 


 Project Ride Smart - seriously cool bike safety for teens

Smart cycling
SMART Cycling from Penguin Pro on Vimeo.





Learn how to properly fit a bicycle helmet.


Ride during hours of darkness?
You need to see this video.


Here’s a fun video on bike safety for the youngest bicyclists.

Traffic Safety for Pedestrians



Do you really need to look left-right-and left again when crossing the street?
Yes! This video tells you why.



Here’s an entertaining video for all road users.


Build on your pedestrian safety skills with this video.

Share the raod picture

The California Pedestrian and Bicyclist Enforcement and Education Project

The CHP implements a traffic safety grant funded by the Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to reduce pedestrian and bicyclist collisions and victims. The project includes both enhanced enforcement and a public education and awareness campaign focusing on traffic safety, which includes motorist behavior when driving in the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists. The program provides comprehensive traffic educational events, “rodeos,” community informational sessions and collaboration, distributes bicycle helmets and other safety equipment, educational materials, and training for CHP personnel.


Printable Bike and Pedestrian Safety Information


Tip Cards

Bike Tips - English (PDF) / Spanish (PDF)
Child Cyclist - English (PDF) / Spanish (PDF)
Pedestrian - English  (PDF)/ Spanish (PDF)

Comic Book
Coloring and Activity Book
Share the Road Card


To learn more about hosting a bicycle and pedestrian safety event in your area, contact your local CHP Area office.



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