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The California Highway Patrol (CHP), Golden Gate Division serves as the CHP command center for the greater San Francisco Bay Area comprised of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma counties. CHP - Golden Gate Division oversees twelve Area offices (CHP-Castro Valley, CHP-Contra Costa, CHP-Dublin, CHP-Hayward, CHP-Marin, CHP-Napa, CHP-Oakland, CHP-Redwood City, CHP-San Francisco, CHP-San Jose, CHP-Santa Rosa, and CHP-Solano), three Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities (CHP-Cordelia CVEF, CHP-Mission Grade CVEF, and CHP-Nimitz CVEF), a consolidated Communications Center, and an Air Operations Unit. Each office and CVEF was strategically placed to provide the best and most efficient service to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to provide the highest level of safety, service and security, consistent with the Department's goals, to those who live and drive within the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as to assist our local allied law enforcement agencies when requested.

Welcome from the Chief


On behalf of the dedicated men and women of the California Highway Patrol in Golden Gate Division, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our webpage. Within this site, you will find helpful information about our Division, its structure, its services, and the men and women who serve in the communities, striving to make California the safest place in which to live and travel.

CHP’s Golden Gate Division has a diverse workforce with approximately 1,200 peace officers and 300 civilian members, serving the over seven million residents of the nine Bay Area counties. Each of our employees is dedicated to and responsible for providing the highest level of safety, service, and security to our residents, businesses, and visitors, ensuring California is the safest place to live and travel. We continue to develop and participate in proactive community-based efforts to promote and support safe, vital, and healthy communities. We also have active Law Enforcement Explorer Posts and senior volunteer programs throughout the Bay Area.

You have entrusted us with the education of traffic safety issues, enforcement of laws and regulations regarding those issues, and additional programs. We constantly strive to prove we deserve your trust, and the CHP voluntarily submits to an external, objective evaluation of departmental operations by the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Our Department is proud to be fully accredited through CALEA, and undergoes a re-accreditation process every three years.

Whether you are traveling the busy freeways of San Jose, San Francisco, or the East Bay; traversing one of the eight toll bridges in the Bay Area; or taking a leisurely tour of the Napa or Sonoma Valleys, CHP officers are on patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We seek your comments and questions. You can contact us through the Public Information Unit at Golden Gate Division.

Ernie Sanchez
Chief of Golden Gate Division


​Safety  |  Events, Classes & Programs



Are you looking for ways to keep yourself and your loved ones safer?  The California Highway Patrol offers FREE traffic safety classes for all ages, conducts FREE community safety fairs, offers FREE Child Safety Seat Installations, and so much more.  Information and enrollment for upcoming CHP events, classes and programs that take place throughout the San Francisco Bay Area are just a click away...




(347) Nimitz Nimitz4416 Interstate 880FremontCA94538(510) 794-3658Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities;GP0|#2a980a33-19ca-449b-955d-153877644524;L0|#02a980a33-19ca-449b-955d-153877644524|Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(366) Cordelia Cordelia3950 Interstate 80FairfieldCA94534(707) 863-8600Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities;GP0|#2a980a33-19ca-449b-955d-153877644524;L0|#02a980a33-19ca-449b-955d-153877644524|Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(391) Mission Grade Mission Grade4751 Interstate 680SunolCA94586(925) 568-9002Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities;GP0|#2a980a33-19ca-449b-955d-153877644524;L0|#02a980a33-19ca-449b-955d-153877644524|Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(318) Golden Gate Communications Center Golden Gate Communications Center1551 Benicia RoadVallejoCA94951(707) 641-8300Communications & Dispatch Centers;GP0|#316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03;L0|#0316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03|Communications & Dispatch Centers;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(320) Contra Costa Contra Costa5001 Blum RoadMartinezCA94553(925) 646-4980Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(325) Napa Napa975 Golden Gate Drive NapaCA94558(707) 699-6300Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(330) Redwood City Redwood City355 Convention WayRedwood CityCA94063(650) 779-2700Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(335) San Francisco San Francisco455 Eighth StreetSan FranciscoCA94103(415) 557-1094Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(340) San Jose San Jose2020 Junction Avenue San JoseCA95131(408) 961-0900Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(345) Hayward Hayward2434 Whipple Road HaywardCA94544 (510) 489-1500Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(350) Marin Marin53 San Clemente DriveCorte MaderaCA94925(415) 924-1100Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(360) Santa Rosa Santa Rosa6100 LaBath AvenueRohnert ParkCA94928(707) 588-1400Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(365) Solano Solano3050 Travis Blvd.FairfieldCA94534707-639-5600Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(370) Oakland Oakland3601 Telegraph AvenueOaklandCA94609(510) 457-2875 Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(375) Castro Valley Castro Valley21020 Redwood RoadCastro ValleyCA94546(510) 581-9028Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(390) Dublin Dublin4999 Gleason DriveDublinCA94568(925) 828-0466Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
Air Operations Unit Operations Unit3500 Airport RoadNapaCA94558(707) 257-0103Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a

​The Bay Area  |  CHP - Golden Gate Division


The San Francisco Bay Area is a unique and busy metropolitan area that brings many challenges to both the motoring public and the CHP officers who patrol it. With the Bay Area being a major tourist area and host to many different events, traffic volumes on freeways fluctuate on any given day. Patrol officers provide traffic enforcement and general law enforcement services to millions of motorists on extensive highway structures that include interstate freeways, U.S. Routes, State Routes, highways, and expressways. Interstate transportation of commerce, recreational travel, and the overall traffic volume acts as large contributors to the Bay Area's economy and its transportation issues. In order to facilitate these transportation issues, the Bay Area has engineered one of the most complex freeway and highway systems throughout the state.



In order to accomplish our mission, our CHP personnel are committed to our organizational values of respect for others, fairness, ethical practices, and equitable treatment for all who serve. This is the foundation of our pledge to public safety and service. Our personnel must be highly trained as they are called upon to patrol the metropolitan elevated freeway structures and bridges; as well as, the rural farming and agriculture communities. Eight toll bridges, more than any other CHP Division in the state, are the arteries that move the lifeblood of commercial and commuter vehicles over the bays. The CHP accepts the responsibility for the efficiency of vehicular travel upon freeways and the service to its motoring public to ensure their utmost protection.



Golden Gate Division takes this challenge completely, focusing enforcement of the California Vehicle Code, particularly in areas of speed, safety belt/child restraints, and driving under the influence. In addition to enforcement, officers patrol state properties and educate the motoring public on the state traffic laws through community events and the installation of child restraints as a means to maintain and emphasize traffic safety. When our education programs fail to gain compliance, our proactive enforcement serves as a reminder to obey the law. Officers assigned to road patrol duties, vigorously enforce the California Vehicle Code to modify unlawful behavior and enhance traffic safety for all motorists, passengers and pedestrians. Inspection facilities are in constant operation focusing enforcement of laws, regulations, and rules as they relate to the safe operation of commercial vehicles and drivers. Answering "911" calls, assisting allied agencies, and dispatching officers is the great responsibility that rests on our sole Communications Center. Our officers are dispatched into some of the most dangerous streets in California to assist with civil disturbances, natural and manmade disasters, and incidents needing additional emergency law enforcement responses. The intention of Golden Gate Division is to keep you safe on the road, twenty four hours a day, seven days per week, and through all four seasons of the year by providing the highest levels of safety, service, and security. ​



Can I file a traffic collision report online? Can I file a traffic collision report online? <p>​At this time, we are unable to accept reports online. We are diligently working to improve technology, and are exploring options to accept reports in the future.</p><p>You may visit any CHP office anywhere in California to file a traffic collision report, regardless of where the collision occurred.</p>
How do I apply to become a CHP Officer? How do I apply to become a CHP Officer? <p>​Visit our <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=76bdb9c2-3652-4bd5-b330-1eb3d8127efd&TermSetId=60be2733-c40e-4f75-96cc-b67d4d71e190&TermId=bf286d8c-307c-4d58-bab3-32afee989d09">"Become a CHP Officer" page </a>for more information and to submit your application online!</p>
How do I report a speeding/traffic issue? How do I report a speeding/traffic issue? <p>​You can report a traffic issue in one of two ways:</p><ul><li> By visiting the office nearest your location in person and detailing your traffic complaint to the watch officer.</li><li> By calling the office nearest to the problem location via telephone, Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.</li></ul>
How long does my child need to ride in a child passenger restraint system (car seat)? How long does my child need to ride in a child passenger restraint system (car seat)? <p><strong>​All children must ride in an appropriate car seat or booster seat until they reach age 8, or are at least 4 feet, 9 inches in height.</strong><br> Once a child has reached the above threshold, they may ride without a car seat using a standard seatbelt. However, the CHP encourages you use your best judgment when deciding to take the child out of a car seat or booster. If the seatbelt does not fit the child appropriately (i.e.: crossing the child's neck, sitting across the abdomen instead of the hips, etc.), we recommend you keep your child in a booster seat until they are tall enough to ride safety without it.<br> When in doubt, schedule a car seat inspection at any of our CHP offices for free!</p>
I received a ticket. What do I do now? I received a ticket. What do I do now? <p>​The CHP issues three types of tickets, which can be identified by the form number at the top left of the citation:</p><ul><li> ​<strong>Traffic Citation (CHP 215)</strong><br>Once issued, a traffic citation can only be handled through the court specified at the bottom of the form. If the citation includes a mechanical violation to be corrected, it may be brought to any CHP office, police department, or sheriff's office for certification. CHP does not charge for this certification, and no appointment is required.</li></ul><ul><li> <strong>Mechanical or Equipment Citation (CHP 281)</strong><br>A correctable mechanical or equipment citation points out a fault or discrepancy with your vehicle. The violation must be corrected and verified by any law enforcement officer before being returned to the issuing office. The issuing office address is listed on the back of the citation. Postage is required if sending through US Mail.<br>Violations must be certified as corrected and returned to the issuing office within 30 days. If the violation is not resolved, it will be converted into a traffic citation and will be forwarded to the local court for processing.</li></ul><ul><li><strong>Parking Ticket (CHP 267)</strong><br>Once issued, any correspondence or payment of fines for a CHP-issued parking citation can only be handled through the Parking Citation Center listed at the bottom of the form.</li></ul>

Did you know...​

The California Highway Patrol uses a boat to patrol the waters of the San Francisco Bay. The boat crew is tasked with checking under bridges for suspicious activities. They are also responsible in preventing pleasure boats from entering the Bay Bridge demolition zone.


More Than a Career  |  Join the CHP Family


Are you looking for a way to make a positive difference in your community as a CHP Officer or Public Safety Dispatcher? You can contact Officer Bradley Larson or Officer Matt Crist at with questions regarding a career with the California Highway Patrol or go to and apply today.



A Bridge Suicide is Suspected... What do you do now?

Information for families and friends who may have committed suicide from a Bay Area bridge.





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