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847 E. Brier Dr.
San Bernardino , CA 92408


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

​Inland Division faces the widest spectrum of traffic enforcement challenges of the CHP's field Divisions. Officers patrol an area larger than 12 individual states. Included in the geographical boundaries are the lowest point in the United States at Death Valley, and the highest point in the contiguous 48 states at Mt. Whitney.

Officers working the western section of the Division encounter some of the most intensely congested
roads in the nation at the intersections of Interstates 10, 15, 215, and Highways 210, 91, 71 and 60. In the
Division's sparsely populated eastern region, motorists tend to speed. All freeways have been adopted for
radar enforcement. A new addition to Inland Division is the Mountain Pass Joint Port of Entry (JPOE) Commercial Vehicle
Enforcement Facility located on Interstate 15, south of the Nevada Stateline. The facility will monitor
commercial vehicles entering the State of California for safe equipment and weight which significantly
affect the safety of the public traveling on California roadways.

Inland Division's two fixed-wing airplanes and two helicopters are essential to the enforcement operation. The fixed-wing planes patrol hundreds of miles a day over the desert and along the Sierra's sheer eastern face. The helicopters are a vital tool for the desert and mountain areas where people are injured or stranded while driving their off-highway vehicles, or become lost while hiking.

The Special Enforcement Unit (SEU), with 8 officers and 6 specially trained dogs has received honors at the local, state and national levels for the number and size of its drug seizures and the number of persons arrested. In addition to the team honors, individual officers also have been recognized for their drug interdiction efforts on Inland's freeways. In 2013, SEU confiscated drugs worth $133.5 million, up to $261.1 million in 2014.



(818) Inland Communications Center Inland Communications Center13892 Victoria StreetFontanaCA92336(909) 428-5400Communications & Dispatch Centers;GP0|#316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03;L0|#0316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03|Communications & Dispatch Centers;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(825) Bishop Communications Center Bishop Communications Center469 South Main StreetBishopCA93514(760) 872-5900Communications & Dispatch Centers;GP0|#316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03;L0|#0316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03|Communications & Dispatch Centers;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(835) Barstow Communications Center Barstow Communications Center300 East Mountain View StreetBarstowCA92311(760) 255-8750Communications & Dispatch Centers;GP0|#316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03;L0|#0316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03|Communications & Dispatch Centers;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(820) Bridgeport Bridgeport125 Main StreetBridgeportCa93517(760) 932-7995 Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(825) Bishop Bishop469 S. Main St. BishopCa93514(760) 872-5150Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(830) Mojave Mojave1313 Highway 58MojaveCa93501(661) 823-5500 Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(834) Needles Needles1916 J StreetNeedlesCa92363(760) 326-2000Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(835) Barstow Barstow300 East Mountain View StreetBarstowCa92311(760) 255-5900Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(840) Riverside Riverside8118 Lincoln Ave.RiversideCa92504(951) 637-8000Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(850) Victorville Victorville14210 Amargosa RoadVictorvilleCA92395(760) 241-1186Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(855) Rancho Cucamonga Rancho Cucamonga9530 Pittsburgh AveRancho CucamongaCA91730(909) 980-3994Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(860) San Bernardino San Bernardino2211 Western Ave.San BernardinoCa92411(909) 383-4247Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(865) Arrowhead Arrowhead31230 Highway 18Running SpringsCA92382(909) 867-2791Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(870) Morongo Basin Morongo Basin63683 Twentynine Palms HighwayJoshua TreeCa92252(760) 366-3707Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a

Next Physical Abilities Test:

Saturday - February 17th, 2018

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Sunday - February 18th, 2018 




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