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8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
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8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

​​​​​This is an administrative office and not open to the general public.  Requests for reports and correctable citations must be taken at an Area office.  

The men and women of the California Highway Patrol who are assigned to Southern Division Headquarters, have called the city of Glendale home for approximately three decades. Southern Division is small in geographical size, but large in traffic flow. The major arteries intersecting Los Angeles County include Interstate 405 (San Diego Freeway), Interstate 10 (Santa Monica / San Bernardino Freeway), State Route 60 (Pomona Freeway), Interstate 105 (Glenn Anderson / Century Freeway), U.S. Route 101 (Hollywood / Ventura Freeway), State Route 134 (Ventura Freeway), Interstate 210 (Foothill Freeway), Interstate 5 (Golden State / Santa Ana Freeway), State Route 2 (Glendale Freeway) and State Route 110 (Arroyo Seco / Harbor Freeway). With busy freeways and 64 unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County as its primary jurisdiction, Southern Division serves over 10 million residents. This population is larger than the population of 41 states and is home to 26 percent of all California residents.
Southern Division boundaries reach from the Malibu coastline to the Inland Empire and from the beaches of Orange County to the high desert of the Antelope Valley. Within these boundaries are the Los Angeles International Airport, dozens of sporting and entertainment venues and several major world amusement/theme parks. Los Angeles County is commonly associated with the entertainment and digital media industry as all five major film studios—Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, and Walt Disney Studios—are all located within the county.
Despite being the smallest geographically of the CHP's eight field Divisions, Southern Division has the largest number of uniformed and non-uniformed employees. Los Angeles is the real-world training ground for recently graduated officers. It is largely due to the workload of Southern Division whose officers documented 49,778 collisions and issued 251,418 citations from January 2019 to December 2019.
Approximately one-third of all CHP motorcycles are assigned to Southern Division, 104 in total. Motorcycles are an effective tool to navigate the well-known congested Los Angeles traffic. Some freeways have no shoulders to allow emergency vehicles access to a collision scene, motorcycles are the only vehicles that can weave between the gridlocked cars. With Los Angeles being a favorite destination for dignitaries and visiting heads of state, motorcycle officers serve as part of the Protective Services Detail.
The purpose of the Protective Services Detail (PSD) is to provide assistance to federal law enforcement agencies for national and foreign government officials and dignitaries who are traveling within the state. Officers and Sergeants who are selected to a PSD will potentially receive additional training from the United States Secret Service, the Department of Justice, the United States Marshal’s Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Since its inception, the PSD has been comprised of specially selected, highly trained and motivated, and dedicated motor personnel. PSD personnel are responsible for a myriad of motor-related duties deemed critical by the Department. As such, the qualifications and expectations required to be a member, either as an officer or supervisor are exceptionally high.
Southern Division is a partner with Caltrans in the Los Angeles Regional Transportation Management Center. With a staff of CHP and Caltrans employees, the center uses advanced transportation management technology, including computer-aided dispatch, adjustable ramp meter intervals, changeable message signs and closed-circuit cameras with live views of most Los Angeles County highways.
Each day, Southern Division employees strive to maximize service to the public in need of aid or information. The California Highway Patrol has built durable partnerships with over 50 allied agencies in Los Angeles County. Our goal is to collaborate with these agencies to protect the residents of Los Angeles County and develop innovative ways of delivering services tailored to each community’s needs.


Garrett 2 star.PNGChief Mark Garrett is a 29-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol (CHP). He currently serves as the Chief of Southern Division which is the CHP’s most populous of eight field Divisions encompassing the entirety of Los Angeles County. Southern Division is comprised of ten Area offices, two Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities, Exposition Park, an Investigative Services facility and a state of the art Communications Center, which receives an average of 136 thousand service calls per month. 
Chief Garrett was born and raised in Southern California where he has also spent his entire career. After earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing from San Jose State University, Chief Garrett joined the CHP in 1990. Upon graduation, he was assigned to, and spent the next 10 years as a patrol officer in the Altadena Area office.   Chief Garrett rose through the ranks, working various patrol duties, investigative and administrative assignments throughout Southern Division.

 He promoted to the rank of lieutenant in 2010 and was assigned to the West Los Angeles Area office. He subsequently served for two years as the Southern Division Executive Lieutenant. In 2014, he was assigned as Lieutenant Commander of Exposition Park, which is a 160 acre state facility. Chief Garrett was immediately tasked with restructuring the Department of Public Safety (DPS), the agency with law enforcement responsibilities at Exposition Park. He was responsible for providing safety, service, and security for patrons visiting the many state facilities and museums within the Park in addition to college and professional football games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. He spent the next three years working tirelessly with the DPS, as well as numerous, public, private, and non-profit entities at Expo Park before promoting in place to the rank of Captain.

In 2017, he promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief, assigned to Southern Division. In that position, Chief Garrett oversaw approximately one third of all CHP Southern Division operations. On January 31, 2019, he was promoted to rank of Chief, where he continued his tenure in Southern Division. Chief Garrett is committed to ensuring the Department’s goal of providing the highest level of Safety, Service and Security is a priority for each of the nearly 1,600 members of his staff.



(541) Castaic CVEF Castaic CVEF27858 Golden State HighwaySanta ClaritaCA92384-4415(661) 294-5530Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities;GP0|#2a980a33-19ca-449b-955d-153877644524;L0|#02a980a33-19ca-449b-955d-153877644524|Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(514) Los Angeles Communications Center Los Angeles Communications Center2901 West BroadwayLos AngelesCA90041(323) 259-3200Communications & Dispatch Centers;GP0|#316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03;L0|#0316a36ba-ea83-4b88-acee-d00e8bca8b03|Communications & Dispatch Centers;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(509) Special Services Special Services437 North Vermont AvenueLos AngelesCA90004(323) 644-9557Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(519) Exposition Park Exposition Park700 Exposition Park DriveLos AngelesCA90037(519) 744-2273Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(525) Baldwin Park Baldwin Park14039 Francisquito AvenueBaldwin ParkCA91706(626) 338-1164Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(530) South Los Angeles South Los Angeles19700 Hamilton Avenue Torrance CA90502 (424) 551-4000 Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(535) East Los Angeles East Los Angeles1601 Corporate Center DriveMonterey ParkCA91754(323) 980-4600Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(540) Newhall Newhall28648 The Old RdValenciaCA91355661-600-1600Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(545) Antelope Valley Antelope Valley2041 West Avenue 'I' LancasterCACA 93536 (661) 948-8541 Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(550) Santa Fe Springs Santa Fe Springs10051 Orr and Day Road Santa Fe SpringsCA 90670 (562) 868-0503Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(565) West Los Angeles West Los Angeles6300 Bristol ParkwayCulver CityCA90230(310) 642-3939Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(575) Altadena Altadena2130 Windsor Avenue AltadenaCA91001(626) 296-8100 Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(580) West Valley West Valley5825 De Soto AvenueWoodland HillsCA91367818-888-0980Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a
(590) Central Los Angeles Central Los Angeles777 West Washington BlvdLos AngelesCA90015(213) 744-2331 Offices;GP0|#c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899;L0|#0c2aaa1f8-8a54-41d9-a89b-de197f92d899|Offices;GTSet|#75a87182-5fd5-41e0-81fc-47b8d256952a





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