Officer Brian Law

Photo of Officer Brian Law

​On Monday, February 17, 2014, at approximately 6:08 a.m., California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers Brian M. Law, ID 18896, and Juan J. Gonzalez, ID 18935, were responding to a call of a traffic collision that was reported northbound on State Route 99 near Sierra Avenue. The traffic collision involved a vehicle facing the wrong direction in the #1 lane, without any lights illuminated. While responding southbound on State Route 99, Officers Law and Gonzalez suddenly encountered the reported traffic collision directly ahead of them, as well as one of the involved drivers standing in the traffic lane. Officer Gonzalez immediately took evasive action in an attempt to avoid a collision but ultimately lost control of the patrol vehicle, resulting in a traffic collision. As a result of the traffic collision, Officers Law and Gonzalez sustained fatal injuries.

Officer Law was born on July 2, 1979, and was a six-year veteran of the CHP. He is survived by his wife, Rebecca; his son, Brandon; his daughter, Samantha; his stepdaughter, Lauren; his mother, Judy; his father, Dennis; and his sister, Carol. Prior to joining the CHP, Officer Law served with the United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force Reserves.
Officer Gonzalez was born February 10, 1981, and was a six-year veteran of the CHP. He is survived by his father, Juan; his mother, Lourdes; his brother, George; his sister, Sandra; and his long-time girlfriend, Ana. Prior to joining the CHP, Officer Gonzalez attended California State University, Fresno, where he majored in Criminology and also interned with the Fresno County Sheriff's Department.

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