Officer Kenyon M. Youngstrom

Photo of Officer Yenyon M. Youngstrom
Contra Costa

​​On the morning of September 4, 2012, California Highway Patrol Officer Kenyon Youngstrom, #18063, was working patrol in the Contra Costa Area, southbound I-680, just south of Livorna Road. His beat partner, Officer Tyler Carlton, #19662, radioed to Officer Youngstrom and requested assistance with stopping a Jeep approaching his location. Officer Youngstrom flagged the Jeep to the right shoulder, and it came to a stop behind his patrol vehicle. Officer Youngstrom approached the vehicle to make contact with the driver. Simultaneously, Officer Carlton parked his patrol vehicle directly to the rear of the Jeep. As Officer Youngstrom made contact with the driver of the Jeep, the driver opened fire, striking Officer Youngstrom.

Officer Carlton observed this action and immediately fired upon the driver of the Jeep, mortally wounding him. Officer Youngstrom succumbed to his injuries on September 5, 2012, at 6:05 p.m.

Officer Youngstrom is survived by his wife, Karen; sons, Alex and Andrew; daughters, Madison and Kennedy; parents, Jill and Guy; Brothers, Cameron, Clinton, Brandon, Tyson and sister, Amber.

Officer Youngstrom was 37 years old, and a member of the patrol for seven years.

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