California Highway Patrol Military Equipment Use Policy (AB 481)

California Assembly Bill (AB) 481 requires California law enforcement agencies to obtain approval of a Military Equipment Use Policy by their applicable governing body prior to taking certain actions related to the funding, acquisition, or use of military equipment as defined by the legislature.  The full text of AB 481 may be found here:  Assembly Bill 481

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) utilizes equipment that has been identified as military equipment as defined within Assembly Bill (AB) 481, Law Enforcement and State Agencies: Military Equipment: Funding, Acquisition, and Use.  In compliance with AB 481, CHP has adopted the following policy for the acquisition, approval and inventory management of equipment acquired from the United States Department of Defense through the Law Enforcement Support Program also referred to as the CHP Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) Program (formerly called 1033 program).

Highway Patrol Manual (HPM) 11.2, Materials Management Manual, Chapter 19, Law Enforcement Support Office Program 

The CHP ensures compliance with the equipment use policy as defined within HPM 11.2, Chapter 8, Equipment. 

The most recent inventory on equipment acquired through the LESO program may be found here: 2022 CHP LESO Inventory 



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