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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – As the popularity of electric bikes (e-bike) continues to skyrocket, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is launching an online e-bike safety and training program to help keep commuters and recreational cyclists safe.


“With the rise in popularity of e-bikes across the state, the CHP worked with Governor Newsom’s Administration, the Legislature, and key stakeholders to develop California’s first e-bike safety and training program,” said CHP Commissioner Sean Duryee.  “The CHP’s program can be accessed on our website and is designed to promote safety for those who choose to ride this alternative mode of transportation.” 


Assembly Bill 1946, which was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom and took effect on January 1, 2023, required the CHP to work with relevant stakeholders to develop an online training program that offers information on e-bike safety, emergency maneuver skills, rules of the road, and laws related to e-bikes.  The e-bike safety and training program features tutorials, videos, a quiz, and other interactive elements with an easy-to-follow, intuitive presentation to help make the material engaging, practical and informative.  


Electric bicycles are heavier and faster than standard bicycles and, without the proper safety education and training, e-bike riders have a higher risk of becoming severely injured or killed in a crash.  As e-bikes become more commonplace, it’s also important for drivers to familiarize themselves with sharing the road with e-bike riders.


According to preliminary data from the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, there were more than 9,600 bicycle-involved crashes in 2022.  At least 225 of those crashes involved an e-bike, including four which resulted in fatal injuries.  This reflects a significant increase from the previous year when there were 80 e-bike crashes reported in California.


The CHP’s online e-bike safety and training program is designed to help riders of all abilities and all ages identify potential hazards, while offering information on safe riding practices and hazard-avoidance maneuvers.


The CHP collaborated with, and would like to thank, the many stakeholders who assisted with the content and creation of the e-bike safety and training program.  This diverse group of safety stakeholders includes several leading organizations committed to bicycle safety; federal, state and local government traffic safety partners; and injury prevention coordinators from hospitals throughout the state.  Through these partnerships, and other safety programs, the CHP is committed to enhancing safe travel for all road users.   


The mission of the CHP is to provide the highest level of Safety, Service, and Security.


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