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California's Impaired Driving Task Force

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 2429.7, the California Highway Patrol established an impaired driving task force to develop recommendations for best practices, protocols, proposed legislation, and other policies that will address the issue of impaired driving in California. The task force will also examine the use of technology, including field testing technologies and validated field sobriety tests, to identify drivers under the influence of prescription drugs, cannabis, and controlled substances.


Senate Bill 94 (2017) - CHP Report to the Legislature Impaired Driving Task Force Report

IDTF Oct 2017 Agenda

IDTF Oct 2017 Bagley-Keene Handout

IDTF Oct 2017 California Vehicle Code Section 2429 Handout

IDTF Oct 2017 Meeting Minutes

IDTF Feb 2018 Agenda

IDTF Feb 2018 DRE PowerPoint 

IDTF Feb 2018 Friday Night Live Handouts

IDTF Feb 2018 OCCL PowerPoint

IDTF Feb 2018 Meeting Minutes

IDTF Feb 2018 Friday Night Live - Press Release

IDTF Feb 2018 Friday Night Live - News Release

IDTF Feb 2018 Friday Night Live - Youth Development Standards of Practice

IDTF Feb 2018 Friday Night Live - California Youth Council

IDTF Feb 2018 Friday Night Live - Casey's Pledge

IDTF Feb 2018 Friday Night Live - TRACE Fact Sheet

IDTF Jun 2018 Agenda

IDTF Jun 2018 DRE Training and 12 Step Protocol

IDTF Jun 2018 CDAA Legal Overview and Definitions

IDTF Sep 2018 Agenda

IDTF Sep 2018 Current Cannabis Research Efforts

IDTF Sep 2018 Oral Fluid Drug Testing Presentation

IDTF Sep 2018 Meeting Minutes

IDTF Jan 2019 Agenda

IDTF Jan 2019 Toxicology and THC Presentation

IDTF Jan 2019 Meeting Minutes

IDTF June 2019 Agenda

IDTF June 2019 CMCR Study Presentation

IDTF June 2019 DMV Study Presentation

IDTF June 2019 Meeting Minutes

IDTF August 2019 Agenda

IDTF Aug 2019 Eaze Cannabis Consumers: Perceptions on Impairment

IDTF Aug 2019 Meeting Minutes

IDTF Oct 2019 Agenda

IDTF Oct 2019 Performance Based DUI Testing

IDTF Oct 2019 Testing Cannabis Impairment with the DRUID App

IDTF Oct 2019 Meeting Minutes

IDTF Jan 2020 Agenda

IDTF - Jan 2020 Meeting Minutes

IDTF - July 2020 Agenda 

IDTF - July 2020 Meeting Minutes

IDTF DRAFT Schedule to Meet January 2021 Requirement

IDTF Oct 2019 Revised Time Line

IDTF - Jan 2020 Revised Timeline

Impaired Driving Task Force


For more information on the Impaired Driving Task Force, please contact the Impaired Driving Section (916) 843-4360

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