Cheaters: Out-of-State (Out of State Registration Violators)

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​Did you know that the State of California loses millions of dollars a year in revenue from California residents who unlawfully register their vehicles in other states or countries?

Did you know that vehicle registration fees are due immediately upon accepting employment or establishing residency in the State of California?

Did you know that California law permits only 20 days to complete the process of registering your vehicle without paying a penalty?

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The three most common reasons for not completing the registration process are:

1. People are unaware of California registration laws.
2. People are evading payments of registration fees and taxes.
3. People are unable to comply with air pollution control laws.


Include the following information:

  • ​State or province in which vehicle is registered. Mexican plates cannot be investigated without a physical address where the vehicle's owner resides.

  • Vehicle license number

  • Date and time the vehicle was observed

  • ​Make, model and color of the vehicle

  • Location where the vehicle was observed (street(s) and city)

  • Any additional comments and descriptive information



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