PSAAC Accreditation

​Public Safety Aviation Accreditation Commission (PSAAC)

What is PSAAC?

​The PUBLIC SAFETY AVIATION ACCREDITATION COMMISSION (PSAAC) is an affiliate of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA). Founded in 1968 to support and encourage the use of aircraft in public safety, ALEA has grown to over 3,000 members internationally.

The PSAAC consists of a team of dedicated law enforcement aviation professionals, both active and retired, whose core values are focused on the development of a common standard of safety for all law enforcement aviation units in the United States and Canada. The PSAAC authored professional standards for law enforcement aviation operations that are applicable to all airborne law enforcement units regardless of size or branch of government. In turn, ALEA adopted these standards and supports their use as a guide for new aviation units and as recommended best practices by all law enforcement air units. The PSAAC is committed to providing guidance and direction to all law enforcement air units seeking validation of compliance with these standards through an accreditation program.

​The standards were formulated based on the two highest priorities of an airborne law enforcement unit: safety and providing excellent aviation support services. The PSAAC’s commitment to these priorities forms the foundation of the standards and the accreditation program. The standards encompass all aspects of airborne law enforcement and are supported by and evaluated against measurable objectives. The standards are divided into five major areas of consideration: administration, flight operations, safety, training, and maintenance.

Additional information on the PSAAC accreditation process is available on the PSAAC Web site External link

​Departmental Participation

​The California Highway Patrol (CHP), which manages one of the largest law enforcement air fleets in the nation, continues to strive for professional excellence by encouraging continued improvement and exceeding the public’s expectations. The PSAAC accreditation program offers an opportunity to enhance our reputation and the public's confidence in our personnel and air operations. Participation in this program and receiving accreditation demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest level of safety, service, and security on the ground and in the air.


​The CHP enrolled in the PSAAC accreditation program on March 10, 2014. The PSAAC assessors conducted the on-site assessment in October 2015. They visited CHP Headquarters and multiple CHP air operations units to evaluate compliance with PSAAC accreditation standards. On July 23, 2016, the CHP will join a growing number of law enforcement aviation units in the country by achieving accreditation and receiving a plaque and certificate during the ALEA Annual Conference and Exposition in Savannah, GA.

For additional information, visit the Public Safety Aviation Accreditation Commission's website.


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