Cannabis Tax Fund Grant Program Overview

​With the passage of Proposition 64 in 2016, The Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult-Use Marijuana Act (AUMA), California voters mandated the State set aside funding for the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to disperse to local governments and qualified non-profit organizations for the education, prevention, and enforcement of impaired driving laws. Additionally, the Department may offer grants to research institutions for the purpose of developing technology to determine when a driver is impaired pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code Section 34019.
It is the intent of CHP to advance the wishes of the people of California by using AUMA grants to educate the public regarding the dangers of impaired driving, fund efforts to remove impaired drivers from the roadway, and to further research into impaired driving issues.

The grants program marks an important step forward in its effort to address the following goals and objectives:

· Reduce the number of accidents by impaired drivers;
· Increase public awareness;
· Improve the safety of our highways;
· Develop new strategies and technologies;
· Ensure protocols are in place for law enforcement agencies to follow.
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