Dignitary Protection Section

Dignitary Protection Section (DPS) operates from both Los Angeles and Sacramento and is responsible for the protection of state constitutional officers including: the Governor, First Lady, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Controller, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the State Insurance Commissioner. When directed by the Commissioner’s Office, DPS provides protective services to other elected officials. DPS also provides, as directed, protective services to national and international dignitaries who are visiting California on official business. This includes: the advance security assessments of sites and locations to be visited, safe and secure transportation, protection at designated venues, collaboration with allied agency law enforcement, and other services as required.

Within DPS, the Threat Assessment Unit (TAU) functions as the primary investigative unit responsible for the investigations of crimes, threats, and inappropriate contacts directed towards the Governor, state constitutional officers, members of the state legislature, and members of the state judiciary. TAU collaborates with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Secret Service, United States Marshals Service and with state and local law enforcement agencies on large scale investigations. In a support role, TAU coordinates with DPS, Governor’s Protection Detail and Judicial Protection Section with the protection of state elected officials, members of the state judiciary, and visiting dignitaries. TAU coordinates the Department’s Protection of Public Officials Course and provides dignitary protection training to foreign, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies responsible for protection operations. A significant aspect of the TAU mission is the responsibility to engage in ongoing threat assessments through the collection and analysis of information and conducting investigations related to potential threats as described in § 76 PC.


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