Capitol Protection Section

Capitol Protection Section (CPS) is the largest of the six commands assigned to Protective Services Division (PSD) and is also the largest field command in the California Highway Patrol. The primary mission of CPS is to provide law enforcement and safety services to the occupants and visitors of the State Capitol building and grounds, the Swing Space, as well as the hundreds of state facilities in the Downtown Sacramento region.  As part of their daily operations, CPS personnel deploy to the State Capitol and Swing Space 24 hours-per-day, 365 days-per-year, providing safety, service and security to all visitors and staff within the buildings, as well as the 40 acre park the State Capitol sits on.

To supplement patrol operations, CPS utilizes several special operations units to ensure the highest level of safety, service and security is available to protect the public and state assets, to include the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, the Mounted Patrol Unit (MPU), Bicycle Patrol Unit (BPU), and the Hazardous Device Detail (HDD). CPS law enforcement responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  •  ​Patrolling by car, foot, horseback, and bicycle.

  • Responding to and investigating crimes against state employees and property within CPS’s jurisdiction.

  • Providing crowd control and maintaining order during large and/or high profile demonstrations, rallies, and other events.

  • Conducting community oriented policing efforts cooperatively in and around state facilities.

​SWAT: The SWAT Team resolves or mitigates high-risk or potentially hazardous incidents occurring at state facilities; serves as a rapid deployment force and provides counter-assault team support to the Dignitary Protection Section and the Governor's Protective Detail, as requested. The SWAT team also serves as a departmental resource for tactical training and high risk operations.


​MPU: CPS is the Office of Primary Interest (OPI) for the Mounted Patrol Unit (MPU). The CHP has maintained an equestrian unit since Governor Pete Wilson merged the State Police with the CHP in 1995. Mounted patrol officers are responsible for the State Capitol and Capitol Park, as well as patrolling the hundreds of state properties in Downtown Sacramento. The MPU is used for general patrol and as an essential tool for crowd control during demonstrations or civil unrest situations, always ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

​BPU: CPS is also the Department’s OPI for the Bicycle Patrol Program (BPU). Officers assigned to BPU patrol via mountain bike, in and around the State Capitol, as well as the hundreds of state facilities in Downtown Sacramento. The speed and agility of the BPU allows officers to respond swiftly to incidents, regardless of traffic situations or roadway obstructions that would otherwise slow responding patrol vehicles. The BPU also provides training to other CHP areas, as well as other law enforcement agencies in need of specialized bicycle patrol programs.

​HDD: The HDD consists of technicians and investigators with specialized skills and training in the detection, recognition, and disposal of explosive devices. With the assistance of explosives detection canines, HDD is the CHP's front line response to suspected explosive hazardous incidents at the State Capitol or any other state owned or leased property in and around Sacramento. CHP’s HDD is also a member of a regional HDD partnership that trains and collaborates to identify, mitigate and investigate hazardous devices throughout the greater Sacramento region.

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