What the Public Should Do

The public plays an essential role in the success of the AMBER Alert. The plan relies on the public to help locate abducted children before it's too late. If you witness a child abduction, call 911 immediately to report it quickly. Be sure to make note of important information such as the physical characteristics of the child and suspect, the make and model of any vehicles involved (including license plate numbers if possible), and the precise location of the abduction.

If you hear an AMBER Alert, watch for the child, suspect and vehicle described in the alert. Immediately report any sightings by calling 911 or the telephone number included with the alert. (Do not call 911 to request information about the abduction.)

What Parents Can Do to Educate Their Children

Talk to your children about the following:

  • Never get into anyone's car without your parents' permission.

  • Move away from a car that pulls up beside you if you don't know the driver.

  • Say, "No, thank you," if a stranger or someone else offers you candy or gifts.

  • Never answer the door if you are home alone.

  • Don't play in deserted buildings.




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