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The East Los Angeles Area is on the eastern boundary of the City of Los Angeles. The East Los Angeles Area proudly delivers traffic and general law enforcement services to a population of approximately three million people and patrols 88 miles of freeway, and several unincorporated roadways. The East Los Angeles Area is a major thoroughfare for commercial traffic from the Port of Long Beach to the greater Los Angeles Area. Thousands of commercial vehicles enter and leave the port via Interstate 710 (I710) corridor on a daily basis. Local residents, daily commuters, and travelers all share these same roadways with the “big rigs.” The East Los Angeles Area contains several major thoroughfares to Los Angeles and the Inland Empire; namely Interstate10 (I10) and State Route 60 (SR60). Interstate 5 (I5), which connects Los Angeles to northern California and Orange County, also passes through the East Los Angeles Area.

We provide service to the unincorporated areas of East Los Angeles, South San Gabriel, and pockets of unincorporated areas within Pico Rivera and Rosemead. Within the unincorporated areas, responsibilities primarily include enforcement of the Vehicle Code and traffic collision investigation. The Area is frequently called upon to provide assistance to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and numerous allied agencies which border the Area. Working closely with such agencies, and community steakholders, benefits the local communities as we develop effective communication techniques, coordinate expedited response to calls for service and employ joint emergency incident handling procedures.

The educational component of the California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) mission was established to prevent, deter, and reduce the tragic results of traffic-related incidents. The CHP’s outreach programs reach a broad range of individuals from different age groups and diverse backgrounds. Some of the programs used to reach the public we serve include: Start Smart, Age Well Drive Smart, Impact Teen Drivers, Child Passenger Safety Program, Explorer Program, Senior Volunteer Program, and the East Los Angeles Area CHiPs for Kids Toy Drive Program. Our social media platforms, (Twitter: @CHP_EastLA; Facebook: @eastlaCHP; and Instagram: CHP_eastlosangeles) enhance our ability to share traffic safety information and urgent updates involving our community. We encourage you to visit and follow us today!


Suarez Captain

Captain José Nuñez reported to the East Los Angeles Area on January 1, 2023.  Interestingly, the East Los Angeles Area was his first assignment upon graduating the CHP Academy 21 years earlier.  Throughout his career and numerous assignments, this office has been a home base for him and has allowed him to become very familiar with unincorporated East LA and the surrounding communities. Some of Captain Nuñez' upbringing happened in East LA and he is also a proud alumnus of Ford Blvd Elementary.


As a teenager, Captain Nuñez found himself at the back gate of the Altadena CHP Area office early one morning after being recruited to the CHP Explorer Program during a high school presentation.  Captain Nuñez immediately found a calling to serve both his community and his country.  Over the 6 years that followed, Captain Nuñez and dozens of fellow explorers learned about being leaders, having a strong work ethic and being productive members of society. As an Explorer, he learned the CHP structure, ranks, rules and skillset; climbed those ranks and at the age of 18, he reached the rank of Explorer Captain.


Captain Nuñez also met a fellow Explorer leader that would later become his wife. Simultaneous to his Explorer commitments, Captain Nuñez was employed by a small police department in the San Gabriel Valley which allowed him to intimately learn community engagement, in-view patrol, and quality of service.  He trained/worked as a Police Cadet (like Community Service Officer) and as a Police Dispatcher during his tenure; all of which has aided his accomplishments and experience with the CHP.

Captain Nuñez is also a United States Marine Corps Veteran.  Immediately after high school graduation, he reported to the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot (MCRD) in San Diego California, for basic training or better known as 'Boot Camp.'  In 2003, Captain Nuñez' training in the Infantry and Light Armored Recognizance field was employed when his Unit (based in Camp Pendleton) was deployed to the middle east where he remained for a year during wartime operations. 


Overall, Captain Nuñez prides himself in being a professional, doing right by people, treating everyone fairly and leading, teaching, and mentoring CHP personnel so they may provide the best possible service.  His approach is rooted by his experiences as a ranking Explorer leader, as a Patrol Officer and Instructor (Officer Safety, Firearms, Less Lethal weapons, Taser, Field Training Officer). He also pulls from experience gained while serving as the Public Information & Recruitment Sergeant, Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant at our local CHP Headquarters while he was a Lieutenant.  Additionally, he had the opportunity to learn from the tremendous workforce at the Los Angeles Communications Center.


Captain Nuñez genuinely believes in communicating with the residents and business owners which make up the communities that we serve and collaborating with elected officials, key constituents, and informal leaders.  Traffic safety education and enforcement of traffic laws will always be a main goal in order to keep our communities and local freeways as safe as possible.






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