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The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Santa Cruz Area is proud to serve the County of Santa Cruz. From coastal redwood forests to berry filled farm fields, winding mountain roads to ocean front highways, we strive to provide the highest level of safety, service and security to hundreds of thousands of residents, commuters, and tourists along the Northern Monterey Peninsula.

We offer a number of traffic safety programs and services aimed at keeping you and your loved ones safe on the roads and highways. Contact our office for information on how to safely buckle kids in their car safety seats; instructing new drivers the challenges of the road; learning tips on how to avoid collisions; safe driving habits and the consequences of poor choices behind the wheel.
You can help our community by driving defensively, obeying the posted speeds, not driving distracted, and being courteous to other drivers. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, click the Programs and Services tab above to learn more about the many traffic safety programs the CHP offers.



At what age can my child ride in the front seat of my vehicle? At what age can my child ride in the front seat of my vehicle? <p>​California law requies all children 8 years of age or younger ride in the rear seat of a vehicle. There are special circumstances which provide exemption from the law. Your child may ride in the front seat if: <br>Your vehicle has no rear seats. Rear seats are side-facing jump seats.<br><br>Child safety restraints must never be placed on side-facing vehicle seats. <br><br>The rear seats are rear-facing seats. <br><br>The child restraint system cannot be properly installed in the rear seat.<br><br>For example, your vehicle has lap belts only in the back seat, but there are lap and shoulder belts in the front seat. Your child is 5 and weighs 45 pounds and must ride in a booster seat. The booster seat must be used with a lap and shoulder belt; therefore your child may ride in the front seat. <br><br>Children under age 7 occupy all rear seats. <br><br>Medical reason (written by the pediatrician) requires that child not be restrained in the back seat. All children are safer in the back seat, ask another adult to ride with the child in the back. <br><br>It is strongly recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that all children ride in the back seat of a vehicle until 13 years of age. </p>
How do I get help with a Child Safety Seat? How do I get help with a Child Safety Seat? <p>​Please call (831) 219-0200 to schedule an appointment</p>
How do I report a speeding/traffic issue?How do I report a speeding/traffic issue?<p>​​You can report a traffic issue in one of two ways:<br> By visiting the office nearest your location in person and detailing your traffic complaint to the watch officer.<br> By calling the office nearest to the problem location via telephone, Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.</p>
My car was towed. How do I get it released? My car was towed. How do I get it released? <p>​While there are many reasons that a vehicle may be towed by the CHP, all will fall into one of two categories: "Stored" or "Impounded": <br>Stored Vehicles <br>Vehicles stored by the CHP can be retrieved directly from the tow company by the registered owner or his/her agent. Some examples of "stored" vehicles include:<br>Vehicle involved in a traffic collision, and cannot be driven from the scene.<br>Vehicle left parked on a freeway in excess of four hours.<br>Vehicle left parked blocking a lane or creating a traffic hazard.<br><br>Impounded Vehicles<br>Vehicles impounded by the CHP require a release from the office that caused it to be impounded. Tow companies will not release the vehicle unless they are directed to by the CHP. Common examples of "impounded" vehicles include:<br>Vehicles towed because the driver did not have a valid Driver License.<br>Vehicles towed as part of an investigation where further examination is necessary.<br>Vehicles without valid paid registration.<br><br>If you are unsure of why your vehicle was towed or where it was towed to, please contact the office that caused your vehicle to be towed for more information.</p>



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