DRE Program: Contact Information

Statewide DRE Coordinator

Sergeant Glen Glaser Jr.

Office: (916) 843-4360        Email: dre@chp.ca.gov


DECP Unit Supervisor

Sergeant Glen Glaser Jr.

Direct: (916) 843-4358        Email: gglaser@chp.ca.gov

DRE Field Certification/DRE 

Recert Coordinator

SFST/DRE Instructor
Officer Rick Horrocks
(916) 843-4361 Email: rhorrocks@chp.ca.gov

ARIDE/DITEP Course Coordinator

SFST/DRE Instructor
Officer Travis Herbert
(916) 843-4359 Email: therbert@chp.ca.gov

CHP DRE Grant Coordinator

Associate Transportation Planner
Kelly Hostetter-Vazquez
(916) 843-4364 Email: khostetter@chp.ca.gov

DRE/DRE Instructor Course Coordinator 

SFST/DRE Instructor
Officer Eric Stayer
(916) 843-4363 Email: estayer@chp.ca.gov

SFST/SFST Instructor Coordinator

SFST/DRE Instructor
Officer Gary Martens
(916) 843-4362 Email: gmartens@chp.ca.gov

DRE Enrollment and Statistical Inquiries

AGPA Siera Kiley
(916) 843-4365 Email: skiley@chp.ca.gov

DECP Office Technician

Mallory Khamchanh
(916) 843-4367 Email: Mallory.Khamchanh@chp.ca.gov


Unit Contact

California Highway Patrol Headquarters


601 North 7th Street

Sacramento, CA  95811

(916) 843-4360


Email: dre@chp.ca.gov


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