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Due to the fast-paced evolution of drugs and drug-impaired driving, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training must be maintained on an ongoing basis in order to be effective in removing impaired drivers from roadways.  The Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DECP) has addressed this need with the development of the two-year recertification cycle.  In order to maintain
DRE certification after the initial classroom course and field certification phases have been completed, every two years, certified DREs must meet four requirements to prove that they are actively involved in the program and that they have received up-to-date information on new and changing legislation and drug trends.

One requirement is that (1) DREs must complete at least 8 hours of recertification classroom training every two years.  This course not only serves as a refresher for the basic concepts learned in the initial
DRE training, it is also an opportunity for DREs to learn about changing drug and DUI legislation, new drug trends, and issues of officer safety with regard to drugs and impaired individuals.

The remaining three requirements are (2) performing and (3) documenting a minimum number of evaluations in the two-year certification period (including one in front of a certified instructor at the recertification class) and (4) documenting any other related training, experience, or education completed in that two-year period.  A more detailed description of the four requirements is located in the pre-requisites section below.

Course Description:

This course is an 8-hour classroom course which includes instruction on:

· Drug/DUI Legislation Updates
· SFST Review
· Eye Examinations
· Current Drug Trends
· Administrative Procedures

There will be one instructor-led evaluation simulation during the class.

Flyers for classes are available upon request.


In order to recertify, the DRE is required to do the following:

1. Must have completed at least four evaluations* within the past two years of certification.
2. Update the
National Tracking System External link with evaluations and toxicology results.
3. Send an updated Curriculum Vitae to the Impaired Driving Section at 
4. Attend an 8-hour DRE Recertification class.
*One of these must be an instructor-led evaluation and will be completed during the recertification class.


Upcoming classes may be found in the Schedule of Classes page under
RECERT.  In order to register for this course, students are required to electronically submit a Training Request (PDF)  PDF File form as well as a copy of their most recent DRE card to the course coordinator.  An email with a name and POST ID number will not suffice to reserve a roster spot.

Fees & Costs:

There is no registration fee to attend this course. If a facility use fee is charged by the hosting agency, it will be noted in the expanded course description. This course is funded through the California Office of Traffic Safety DRE Grant. Travel reimbursement is not available for this course.


If your agency is interested in hosting this course at your training facility, please contact the Recertification State Coordinator, Officer Andrew McTaggart at (916) 843-4363 or AMcTaggart@chp.ca.gov. 





See RECERT for class information and schedule.




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