DRE Program: SFST Instructor

​The use of Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) is an effective means of identifying, apprehending and prosecuting impaired drivers.  Officers trained in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) curricula-based SFSTs have gained acceptance and approval throughout the United States primarily due to their accuracy and effectiveness.  The SFST Instructor Program, done solely by CHP, makes this valuable training available to agencies to train personnel in SFSTs.

Classroom Instruction


The SFST Instructor Course is a comprehensive instructor course.  This five-day course is designed to impart the student-instructor with the knowledge and skills for instructing the SFST Course.  The 40 hours of classroom training include, but are not limited to, the following subjects:

  • ​Concepts of Adult Learning and Teaching

  • Standardzied Field Sobriety Testing Curriculum

  • Drugs That Impair Driving Curriculum

  • Teaching Techniques

  • ​Basic Public Speaking

  • Effective Classroom Presentations

  • Managing a Live Alcohol Workshop

  • Student Instructor Presentations



Students should be selected from your agency who are specifically assigned to combating the impaired driver.  Students are required to have previous training in SFSTs consistent with NHTSA standards. Additionally, students should possess an active interest in instructing other officers in becoming proficient in the application of SFSTs.



Currently, there is no registration fee to attend the SFST Instructor Course and all the training materials will be provided.  Students are required to wear court/business attire for classroom presentations and should bring a laptop computer (although not necessary) which has PowerPoint capabilities.  For consideration, please complete a Training Request form and e-mail it to dre@chp.ca.gov, along with your current resume and SFST Certificate of Completion.


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