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​​Enforcement Operations:

Open 24/7

Cordelia Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility (CCVEF) is strategically located in the Bay Area’s busiest commercial corridor on Interstate 80 in the city of Fairfield, County of Solano. CCVEF is comprised of two facilities, eastbound (E/B) and westbound (W/B). 
E/B CCVEF is one of the newest and most innovative facilities in the nation.  E/B CCVEF is leading the front in commercial safety with one of the most advanced technological systems in the U.S., by International Road Dynamics (IRD). The IRD system includes weigh in motion, roadside sensors, integrated camera technology, and traffic control systems. E/B CCVEF was built to accommodate commercial traffic well into the year 2035.

W/B CCVEF is an older facility, but it is still effective in meeting our statewide commercial vehicle enforcement programs, and traffic safety commitments.  A plan for an upgrade to the W/B facility is in the works for a future ground-breaking opening ceremony.

Both facilities are staffed 24/7 by enforcement personnel.  Officers often have their hands full as CCVEF is considered one of the busiest and largest facilities in the state and likely, the nation.  Officers monitor operations via a control center established on both E/B and W/B sides.  They also observe commercial traffic in transit as it flows through the facility, watchful of obvious mechanical defects or overweight violations.  Officers also pull in commercial truck drivers in order to inspect documentation required by interstate and intrastate guidelines.  In addition to taking enforcement action of our state’s vehicle code, officer’s also enforce the nation’s rigorous commercial traffic regulations.  Additionally, CHP personnel are readily available to provide educational input to the area’s vast commercial industry.​

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Specialists (CVIS) are highly trained civilian personnel under the supervision of CHP staff.  They inspect trucks and are watchful for out-of-service violations such as brakes, cracks in crucial components, hazardous material leaks, compliance with strict log book provisions, and a multitude of other discrepancies.  With the increasing rate of serious accidents involving commercial traffic across the nation, our CVIS are a crucial component in assuring that the rate of accidents are minimized, inspecting well over 40,000 trucks every year.

Civilian personnel are also employed to address the vast paperwork accumulated by the facility’s 24/7 operations.  Even the janitorial & maintenance staff have their hands full with constant upkeep of a facility which now includes the new 15 acre E/B side. 

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