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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

​ The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Stockton Area and Communications Center are proud to serve San Joaquin County by providing Safety, Service and Security to thousands of residents and commuters each day. As part of the California Highway Patrol’s Valley Division, our office patrols Interstate 5, State Route 99, State Route 120, State Route 12, State Route 88, State Route 26 and State Route 4 as well as hundreds of miles of unincorporated county roadways, and state facilities. Additionally, the Stockton Communications Center dispatches for San Joaquin County, Amador County, and Calaveras County. We offer a number of programs designed to keep you safe on the road and on the highway. Contact our office for information on how to safely install a car safety seat, teach new drivers the challenges of the road, or learn some traffic safety tips, including winter driving. You can help us by driving defensively, obeying the posted speeds, not driving distracted, and being courteous on the road. Thank you for taking the time to visit our Web site, click Programs and Services above to learn more about the many traffic safety programs the CHP offers.  Visit the Stockton CHP Facebook page to learn of upcoming events! 

​Commander’s Message 

I welcome you to the California Highway Patrol, Stockton Area website. As commander, my vision is simple: provide quality service and treat the public in a manner we ourselves would like our families and loved ones to be treated. I hold my staff, and myself, accountable for “doing the right thing, at all times, for the right reasons.” I am very proud to be a part of such a great command filled with selfless servants who go out each day and risk their own lives to ensure our communities are safe. 
The CHP - Stockton office has the honor of serving the people of San Joaquin County and all those who work in, and commute through, our Area. The officers you see daily are highly trained, experienced professionals that do all within their power to ensure your safety and protect our community. We take our mission of providing the highest level of Safety, Service, and Security to the people of California to heart. 
Never hesitate to approach and have a conversation with the officers you see in your community. The partnerships we have with this community is the cornerstone of our service to the public. We value the trusted relationships we have with our allied agencies and community stake holders. This collaboration is critical to our efforts to serve you. I encourage you to learn more about the programs and services we offer, and I always welcome ideas to help improve or feedback on the services we provide. 
Captain Shann Setter, Commander 
Stockton Area 


Captain Shann Setter 


Officer Jon Schatmeier 


Officer Ruben Jones 
Officer James Smith 


​Stockton Municipal 

180 E. Weber Ave., Rm. 203 
Stockton, CA  95202 
(209) 992-5962 

​Lodi Municipal 

315 W. Elm Street (Traffic) 
230 W. Elm Street (Criminal) 
Lodi, CA  95240 
(209) 992-5520 

​Manteca Municipal 

315 E. Center Street 
Manteca, CA  95336 
(209) 239-1316 


ex.jpg​The CHP Explorer Program offers a unique and challenging opportunity to young women and men to become an integral part of the Department's operations, and experience what a career in law enforcement would be like. Successful completion of the Explorer Program can open many doors and present many opportunities for the youth of tomorrow, especially for an Explorer who is planning to make the CHP a career. 

The mission of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Explorer Program is to develop young people into responsible and productive citizens through discipline and a commitment to serving their community. For more information regarding the Stockton CHP Explorer Program, please contact Sergeant Crutchfield at (209) 938-4800. 


Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself and your passengers in a crash.  It is extremely important to make sure all children riding in your car be properly secured before every trip. 
Thousands of children are injured or killed every year because their child passenger safety seats are not installed properly. Remember, most collisions occur within a mile of the home - so buckle your child in a safety seat for every trip, no matter how short.  
If you're not confident of how to properly secure your child in a safety seat, contact the Stockton Area office at (209) 938-4800, and ask to speak with a child passenger safety technician.  


Unless your vehicle was impounded, no release is needed from the Stockton Area. If you are unsure if a release is required, you can call our office first or directly to the appropriate tow company below. 
Advance Auto & Tow 
3737-C W. Yosemite Ave. 
Lathrop, CA  95330 
(209) 858-4947  Fax 858-9438 
Stan's Auto & Towing 
Stan Kimbrough 
4035 Wilson Way 
Stockton, CA  95205 
(209) 466-8697 
McDowell & Davis Tow 
1360 Escalon Ave. 
P. O. Box 533 
Escalon, CA  95320 
(209) 838-3932   
Delta Valley Tow 
1919 Dr. Martin Luther King 
Blvd. Suite #A 2 
Stockton, CA  95205 
(209) 941-4015    
Anderson's Towing 
2383 N Wilson Way,  
Stockton, CA 95205 
(209) 946-9661 
Bob's Towing 
2900 Loomis Rd. 
Stockton, CA   95205 
P. O. Box 30655 
Stockton, CA. 95213 
(209) 948-8918 
Yolies Tow 
17860 Ideal Parkway Suite F 
Manteca, CA 95336 
(209) 239-3399    

Crossroads Towing 
322 W Yosemite Ave. 
Manteca, CA 95337 
(209) 239-0303 
Advanced Tow 
1800 E. Channel St. 
P. O. Box 690694 
Stockton, CA 95269 
(209) 943-5429 
John Salazar Heavy Haul &Tow 
4239 Newton Rd. 
Stockton, CA  95205 
(209) 463-8500   
Mid Valley Tow 
1011 E. Lindsay St. 
Stockton, CA 95205 
(209) 466-3566 
Freedom Towing 
1036 E Sonora  St. 
Stockton, CA. 95205 
(209) 910-0655 
Geweke Tow  
102 Hansen St. 
Lodi, CA  95240 
P. O. Box 1210 
Lodi, CA   
(209) 368-0561 
City Wide Tow (Stockton) 
625 W. Monroe St. 
Stockton, CA 95203 
(209) 957-5757 
Sam Berri/Lodi  
Heavy Haul Tow 
940 E. Victor Rd. 
Lodi, CA 95240 
(209) 365-7000 

J & E Truck Services 
1483 W. Anderson St 
Stockton, CA  95206 
(209) 465-3162 
Dave's Tow 
3853 Duck Creek Dr. 
Stockton, CA 95215 
(209) 951-9251 
All Star Heavy Haul Towing 
     17830 Ideal Parkway 
Manteca CA.95336 
(209) 833-7107 
Technique Tow 
704 E. Hazelton Ave. 
Stockton, CA  95203 
(209) 464-1800    
Mike's Tow 
540 W. Scotts Ave. 
Stockton, CA 95203 
(209) 466-4953    
Pacific Tow (Lodi) 
1533 S. Stockton St. 
Lodi, CA   95240 
(209) 369-0644 
Golden State Towing 
527 S. Airport Way 
Manteca, CA 95337 
(209) 527-8500 


At what age can my child ride in the front seat of my vehicle? 
California law requires all children 8 years of age or younger ride in the rear seat of a vehicle. There are special circumstances which provide exemption from the law. Your child may ride in the front seat if: 
·        Your vehicle has no rear seats. Rear seats are side-facing jump seats. 
·        Child safety restraints must never be placed on side-facing vehicle seats. 
·        The rear seats are rear-facing seats. 
·        The child restraint system cannot be properly installed in the rear seat. 
·        For example, your vehicle has lap belts only in the back seat, but there are lap and shoulder belts in the front seat. Your child is 5 and weighs 45 pounds and must ride in a booster seat. The booster seat must be used with a lap and shoulder belt; therefore your child may ride in the front seat. 
·        Children under age 7 occupy all rear seats. 
·        Medical reason (written by the pediatrician) requires that child not be restrained in the back seat. All children are safer in the back seat, ask another adult to ride with the child in the back. 
It is strongly recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that all children ride in the back seat of a vehicle until 13 years of age. 
How do I apply to become a CHP Officer? 
​Visit our "Become a CHP Officer" page for more information and to submit your application online! 
How do I become a CHP Public Safety Dispatcher? 
​​Visit our "Become a Public Safety Dispatcher" page for more information! 
How do I get help with a Child Safety Seat? 
You can contact your nearest CHP Area Office, and schedule an appointment for assistance. 
My car was towed. How do I get it released? 
​While there are many reasons that a vehicle may be towed by the CHP, all will fall into one of two categories: "Stored" or "Impounded": 
Stored Vehicles 
Vehicles stored by the CHP can be retrieved directly from the tow company by the registered owner or his/her agent. Some examples of "stored" vehicles include: 
·        Vehicle involved in a traffic collision and cannot be driven from the scene. 
·        Vehicle left parked on a freeway in excess of four hours. 
·        Vehicle left parked blocking a lane or creating a traffic hazard. 
Impounded Vehicles 
Vehicles impounded by the CHP require a release from the office that caused it to be impounded. Tow companies will not release the vehicle unless they are directed to by the CHP. Common examples of "impounded" vehicles include: 
·        Vehicles towed because the driver did not have a valid Driver License. 
·        Vehicles towed as part of an investigation where further examination is necessary. 
·        Vehicles without valid paid registration. 
If you are unsure of why your vehicle was towed or where it was towed to, please contact the office that caused your vehicle to be towed for more information. 
Should my child be seated "rear facing" or "front facing"? 
Current law requires children to be seated in a "rear facing" child passenger restraint system until age two. The CHP recommends keeping your child rear-facing for as long as possible up to the upper weight limit of your child's car seat. 
Rear-facing seats are the safest kind of restraint for young children. The vast majority of collisions are frontal (meaning the front of the car strikes something else). Occupants within the vehicle are traveling at the same speed of the car, and in the collision, the seat belt is the primary method of slowing the body to a stop. A rear-facing car seat allows this stopping force to be distributed all along the child's body, as opposed to small points where the seat belt would hold the child. 
When in doubt, please come by any of our CHP offices to schedule a free car seat inspection. 
How do I get a VIN inspection/verification? 
Please ensure you call the area office and schedule your VIN appointment.  Once your appointment is scheduled, download the following documents and have them filled out prior to your arrival. Stockton Area VIN Verification Appointment Confirmation


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