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Since 1987, the CHP has been proactively involved in a traffic safety outreach program, El Protector, directed at the Hispanic community. It places special emphasis on educating through dialogue with the community, instead of focusing on enforcement measures. Such community opportunities arise at local neighborhood/town hall meetings, educational functions, media and at other community related forums.

​The goal of the El Protector Program is to educate and encourage positive traffic safety behavior and to build better community relations between the community and law enforcement agencies.

The driving force and focus of this program is the use of a CHP officer of Hispanic ancestry or officers that are bilingual and bicultural - known as the El Protector Program Coordinator. The coordinator organizes community events, provides traffic safety education presentations and serves as a Hispanic role model.

Did you know?

Fatal motor vehicle accidents involving Hispanic children under the age of four comprise up to 42.3% of all fatal accidents (involving children under the age of four) due to not using a child seat or using it improperly.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs continues to be a concern amongst the Hispanic community.

COMR logoEl Protector Contacts

Presently, the Statewide El Protector Coordinator can be contacted at Community Outreach & Media Relations (COMR) at (916) 843-3210. The following is a list of local locations in your area and their telephone numbers:

El Protector Contacts​ ​ ​

​​Southern California

Los Angeles County
(818) 240-8200

​Northern California

Redding Area
(530) 225-2715

​Border Division

San Diego / Orange County
(858) 650-3600

​Valley Division

Sacramento Area
(916) 731-6300

​Coastal Division

Gold Coast Area
(805) 549-3261

​Golden Gate Division

San Francisco Bay Area
(707) 648-4180

​Inland Division

Inland Empire
(909) 806-2400

​Central Division

Fresno / Modesto Area
(559) 277-7250



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