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Quincy , CA 95971


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Quincy is a rural town, located in Plumas County, in northeastern California. It is the county seat and is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains along SR-70 between Oroville, California and the Nevada State line. Quincy Area CHP is responsible for traffic enforcement, and traffic collision investigations, for most of Plumas and Sierra Counties and a small portion of Lassen. Our Area is comprised of the Quincy Area office, the Indian Valley Resident Post and the Portola Resident Post. The Feather River Canyon, which is a 37-mile stretch of SR-70, is a two-lane highway that borders the Feather River. While it is a recognized scenic route, the narrow roadway, abundant wildlife, and falling rocks, make this portion of the highway a safety hazard
at times. 

The area covered by the Quincy Area CHP is geographically diverse. The landscape ranges from high desert to windy, treacherous mountainous canyons and passes. It includes over 100 lakes and 1,000 miles of rivers and streams. There is an abundance of
outdoor activities to satisfy the most avid tourist. A few activities common to the area are camping, hunting, fishing, boating and even snowmobiling in the winter. In fact, Plumas County possesses the highest number of registered snowmobiles within California and is home for some of the finest golf courses in the country. The weather patterns for the area are just as diverse. Summer temperatures average around 80˚. The winter months possess temperatures into the teens with a record low of -24˚. During these months, the area experiences an abundance of snowfall. Because of the uniquely inviting climate, tourists from all over the country frequent the area year-round.


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