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​Redding Explorer Post 135


​The Redding Explorer Post #135 was revived in August/2010 at the CHP office in Redding, CA. The Explorer program has provided young men and women an opportunity to see the inner workings of the CHP and to make lifelong friendships. Through the program, kids 15 to 20 attend training sessions, work in the CHP office, ride along with patrol officers, participate in community events, and attend Explorer competitions state wide. All of this geared towards preparing them for a successful career in the CHP.

Since 2010 the post has grown to 20 explorers and 7 advisors. The squad is comprised of 17 male Explorers and 3 female Explorers. The Redding Post contributes countless community service hours, assisting at local events such as: Redding Rodeo, Strawberry Festival, Redding Air Show, Sons of Italy, Cool April Nights, and the 11-99 Foundation Golf Tournament.
To join our post, please contact the Redding CHP office at (530) 242-3200.



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First Quarter Activity Summary of 2017

The CHP Redding Explorer Post #135 has done an extensive amount of training and preparation for the upcoming Explorer Competition that is held at the CHP academy in West Sacramento. The Redding Explorer Post has also begun recruiting individuals within the community through various media outlets.

2/7/17 CHP Explorer Post 135 has begun a gun raffle to assist with competition/training funds. The weapon being raffled off is a California Legal subcompact Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, chambered in 9mm.

2/18/17 CHP Explorer Post 135 assisted with the set-up and tear down for a recently retired CHP Sergeant from the Redding Area office. Sergeant Larsen was previously the Sergeant in charge of our Explorer Post. We wish him a happy and joyful retirement.

3/14/17 CHP Explorer Post 135 assisted with the set-up and tear down of an annual dinner held at the Record Range in Redding. Record Range is a private range used primarily by active and retired law enforcement officials. Shortly after the dinner, we continued our competition training to better prepare ourselves for the upcoming competition.

Redding CHP looking for new explorer recruits

By: Jeremy Linder
Posted: Mar 27, 2017 06:22 PM PDT

REDDING, Calif. - The California Highway Patrol office in Redding is looking for new recruits for their explorer program.
Lieutenant Scott Fredrick with CHP said the program is offered through the Boy Scouts of America and showcases first hand what it takes to be an officer.
     Fredrick went through a similar program with the Redding Police Department during the early 1990s. He said that it was a great opportunity for on the job training and gives explorers not only a taste of the excitement while officers are on patrol but also the experience of paperwork and writing reports.
     "Talking with the last two explorers that went through our program they found that their experiences and trainer here really helped them with the academy training to where everything wasn't necessarily foreign and they were able to have an easier time going through the police academy," said Fredrick.
     Fredrick also pointed out the recent officer-involved shooting shows how dangerous the work can be. "We view law enforcement not only as a career but a calling. Just getting your feet wet and seeing what we do often time help people to get over the danger of the job and that danger is always going to be there in law enforcement," said Fredrick.  Explorers meet at least twice a week and help out at a number of community events like Kool April Nights, the Redding Rodeo and the Happy Valley Strawberry Festival.
     Fredrick said there are few requirements in order to join the program. Those interested must be between the ages of 15 and 21, have no felony arrests or convictions and maintain a minimum 2.0-grade point average if still in school.
     For more information on the Redding Explorers program check out their website. CHP is also hosting a free informational meeting Tuesday, March 28, 2017, starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Redding CHP Office on Cascade Boulevard.
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