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The Ventura Area Explorer Program was established in 2000. The goal was to develop young men and young women in Ventura County to be responsible and productive citizens through discipline and commitment to their community. The program provides a unique and challenging opportunity that allows youths between the ages of 15-21 to be an integral part of the Department's operations and experience what a career in law enforcement entails. The program is facilitated by California Highway Patrol Officers who provide instructional guidance to the Explorers. The Explorers are given the education and training necessary to succeed in their vision of obtaining a career in law enforcement.

The Ventura Area Explorer Program has a broad based recruitment effort that reaches out to local high schools, colleges, and community organizations in an attempt to recruit local youth who are anticipating or considering a career in law enforcement. Our program identifies tenured Explorers who best represent the Department to give presentations to their fellow students during school classes and school assemblies. Explorer advisors and Explorers actively participate in local community events, alongside the CHP Recruitment Officer, to disseminate information about the Explorer Program. Annually, our program holds an orientation recruitment meeting for Explorer applicants, parents and community members covering an overview of the program.

Explorers are trained in many aspects of law enforcement and they work with officers in the field as they patrol the community. Explorers are held to a high standard and required to obtain certain skill sets and perform specific duties including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Build good character and morals
    • Attend weekly Explorer meetings
    • Assist the CHP in providing services to the community, especially in times of emergency
    • Build an understanding and appreciation for the Justice system and field of law enforcement
    • Perform community service hours including, but not limited to, assisting CHP clerical staff and assisting at local community events
    • Assist with the Foreign Registration program
    • Assist with Driving Under the Influence checkpoints
    • Assist with CHiP's for Kids program
    • Participate in Explorer competitions
    • Participate in physical fitness training

The Ventura Area Explorer Program meet on a weekly basis and experienced officers instruct in varied areas of law enforcement to prepare the Explorers for a future transition to CHP Cadets. The training covers a number of different skill areas that the Explorers are required to obtain a proficiency including, but not limited to:

    • Radio codes
    • Vehicle and Penal codes
    • CHP Pride and the mission of the California Highway Patrol.
    • Physical Methods of Arrest (PMA)
    • Law Enforcement Scenarios
    • Physical fitness training to prepare for the Academy

As the Explorer approaches their 21st birthday, the local CHP staff provide individual instruction and continuing guidance in preparing for the CHP hiring process, including providing guidance to ensure the Explorer is prepared mentally, physically, and personally to succeed at the Academy.



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