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The Antelope Valley Area office established its explorer program in 2015. The program was created to help its participants become better citizens and individuals. Many of them will become California Highway Patrol Officers and others will go on to have great careers in and out of law enforcement.

Explorers learn about the field of law enforcement and the duties of a CHP officer through training, observation and involvement. This includes studying laws and understanding procedures, training in tactics and arrest techniques, physical training, assist officers and volunteering at community events, among other activities.

Explorers not only learn the technical aspects of being an officer, but the morals, ethics and values required to become an officer and better individuals. Explorers learn about teamwork and share responsibility as well as individual accountability. Explorers also gain an understanding of the CHP's Professional Values and the seven points of the CHP star.

If you are interested in joining the California Highway Patrol's Antelope Valley Explorer Post, please contact Officer Hider at (661) 948-8541 or visit the office during business hours located at 2041 West Avenue I, Lancaster, CA 93536.



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