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Re-established in 2010 at the CHP office in Modesto CA, the Explorer program has provided young men and women an opportunity to explore a career with the CHP, learn to serve the community, ride along with patrol officers, and attend Explorer competitions state wide. During bi-monthly meetings, explorers exercise to keep their bodies in good shape, learn scenarios they will be asked to participate in at Explorer competitions, and study the vehicle code, penal code, and CHP policy. All of these things help prepare explorers to apply with the CHP, graduate from the CHP academy, and become successful CHP officers. Over the past several years, this Explorer post has helped to make teens across Stanislaus County successful adults by instilling a sense of accomplishment, pride, and discipline into each Explorer as they progressed from child to adult. The training, experience, and preparation have helped former explorers to become successful members of society. Three officers currently assigned to the Modesto Area began years ago as Explorers. For more information regarding becoming an Explorer with the Modesto Area , please contact the Modesto CHP office at (209) 545-7440.

3rd Quarter Website Update:

The California Highway Patrol Modesto Post 465 has done an extensive amount of training and preparation for the 2017 Southern Division Explorer Competition this quarter. Nine of our explorers attended and the Post proudly brought home 5 trophies! We spent the majority of our quarter training for the upcoming scenarios and getting each explorer ready for the 2017 Southern Division Explorer Competition. We have also been attending various fundraising and community service events. The Explorers conducted traffic control for Gallo Winery to earn funds for upcoming and future Explorer Competitions. Explorers have also attended various community service events including car seat events, Modesto National Night Out and other public relation events. Explorers have been committed to continuously going on one mandatory ride along each month. The Post has also welcomed two new Explorer Cadets into the family.



1st Quarter 1https://www.chp.ca.gov/CHPCareersSite/PublishingImages/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=11491st Quarter 1
1st Quarter 2https://www.chp.ca.gov/CHPCareersSite/PublishingImages/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=11501st Quarter 2

2nd Quarter Activity Summary

The 2017 second quarter has been a busy time for the Modesto 465 post. We have trained for and attended the State explorer competition in Sacramento and received three trophies. Currently four of our explorers are also attending the CHP Level III explorer academy. We have also recruited new dedicated and motivated explorers. The explorer post has attended fundraisers and raised money to attend future competitions and bring home more awards. Explorers have conducted scenario and physical training to further prepare them for a future career with the CHP. Explorers have also been doing a mandatory ride-along every month as part of their training.

1st Quarter Activity Summary

The 2017 first quarter has been a time of transition for our post. Several of our longest tenured explorers aged out as Explorers and are applying to become CHP officers. The Post will be losing its Captain, and two Sergeants, so it is time for new explorers to step up to leadership positions within our post. We have added seven new explorers to our post and plan for them to go to the upcoming competition in Sacramento. They have attended Level I Academy in March 2017 and will attend Level II Academy in the coming months. The Explorer Post 465 plans to attend the State Capital Explorer Competition in May 2017. We have also recently started training on felony stop procedures, driving under the influence, building searches, and traffic stop. After every meeting we have conducted physical training to motivate the new explorers and prepare them for Level III Academy. Explorers have also been doing a mandatory ride-along every month as part of their training.


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