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The Riverside area Explorer post meetings are held on a weekly basis! Please call the Riverside Area office (951) 637-8000 or email Michael.Johs@chp.ca.gov for inquiries about the Explorer program. We are accepting applications now for Explorers!



1st Quarter 2018

With the Explorer post going through a change of an advisory role, the Explorers started with the basics with level one. Level one training involves learning the basics of a California Highway Patrolman. The Explorers are learning how to write traffic citations, conduct vehicle inventories, and basic structure of how to conduct themselves on area ride a longs. We have had a dispatch sit a long that showed another side of the department. This was beneficial to the Explorers to see the side of the radio they only hear when they are out on ride a longs. The Explorers have also participated in the Lunar festival in downtown Riverside and will assist with upcoming events for the next CHP Cadet application process.


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