(425) Sonora

The Sonora Area CHP Explorer Post 425 will be up and running in no time. As an Explorer in the Sonora Area you can expect to be part of many law enforcement activities such as: Ride-alongside with officers in the field, DUI checkpoints, CHiP's for Kids Toy Drive, Area office clerical duties, Explorer competition, Physical fitness training, Medical (First Responder) training, Community service, Fundraiser organization, Explorer meetings, Traffic Control.

We are currently accepting applications. Minimum requirements are you must: Be between 15-21 years of age, Have an interest in law enforcement, Have at least a 2.0 GPS, Have no drug or alcohol use, Have good citizenship, Have no felony convictions. Contact us and join this exciting program!

For more information contact your Sonora Area CHP office: Call (209)984-3944 ● CHP/Sonora, 18437 Fifth Avenue,  Jamestown, CA 95327


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