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The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Explorers are an integral part of the Department's operations and are provided many unique and challenging opportunities to train, prepare, and experience the many duties of a CHP Officer. Explorers are introduced into the CHP family as they learn the tenants of "CHP PRIDE": Courage - Honesty - Professionalism - Principles - Respect - Integrity - Dedication - Esprit De Corps.
The mission of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Explorer Program is to develop young people into responsible and productive citizens through discipline and a commitment to serving their community. Successful completion of the Explorer Program can open many doors and present many opportunities for the youth of tomorrow, especially for an Explorer who is planning to make the CHP a career. Explorers participate in training sessions, ride with patrol Officers, participate in community events, and attend Explorer competitions locally, regionally, and nationally.
The Oakland Explorer Post 370 is looking for motivated applicants, ages 15-20, who meet the following qualifications: must be ages 15-20, No drug or alcohol use, Have no felony arrests or convictions and be in good standing with school, work and family. Currently we meet on a weekly basis. If you are up for the challenge and would like further information, please contact the CHP Oakland Area Office at (510) 450-3821. You may also visit the Oakland Area Office at 3601 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609, during business hours (M-F, 8am - 5pm) and ask to speak with an Explorer advisor. For email inquiries, you may email Officer Justin Hagler at justin.hagler@chp.ca.gov




1st Quarter 2018

The First Quarter has been filled with hard work and success; from recruiting new members, preparing for the upcoming Explorer Competition, to former Explorers graduating the CHP Academy. For the past few months, our main focus has been to prepare for the upcoming Explorer Competition, by having our weekly Thursday meetings. These meeting are guided to improve knowledge and skills pertaining to the job of a Law Enforcement Officer. Our meetings consist of physical fitness and scenario based drills such as, traffic stops, felony stops, Officer down, medical assistance, hand cuffing and much more. While staying busy with scenarios, all Explorers have been reaching out to their own communities and friends in attempt to gain potential candidates for the post. By doing so we have recruited four new outgoing and eager to learn Explorers, we continue to reach out and share what the Post is about via our Instagram page as well (chpoakland_explorerpost370).We are constantly progressing, learning and growing; and it could not have been done without our Explorer Advisors. Stay tuned for further updates from the Oakland CHP Explorer Post.


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